GPS vehicle tracking
for vehicle finance and insurance

Secure your vehicles and grow your market share with Tramigo.

Affordable tracking solutions enable vehicle finance businesses to reliably repossess vehicles from non-performing customers.

Tramigo provides insurance companies with a market leading stolen vehicle recovery solution with smart driver behavior analysis capabilities.

Manage risk intelligently to grow market share

Improve your risk management capabilities with Tramigo tracking solutions

Tramigo provides a reliable and low-maintenance solution to track, monitor and secure any number of vehicles conveniently.

WIth Tramigo tracking installed you minimize your risk of ever losing a single vehicle and in case of non-performing customers the repossessing of vehicles is secure and cost effective.

These unique solution features provide your business with additional control and risk management abilities you need to expand into new customer segments.



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Tramigo specialists performs hardware install, software set-up and provide comprehensive onsite and online training and onboarding


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Get financing
for fleet of vehicles
to enter the ride sharing business

Around the world ride sharing businesses are expanding exponentially. In many markets however vehicle financing is not available for drivers from the banks. A range of private investors have entered the ride sharing business by financing a fleet of cars they rent to the drivers.

To secure their fleets vehicle owners use a Tramigo T24 Track eSIM which is easy to install covertly and comes with multinetwork connectivity built in paired with Tramigo cloud software for user friendly monitoring.

A reliable solution that comes with many critical safety features like real-time alarms in case of theft, misuse or even hijacking. Ride Sharing Fleet Owners can optimize the lifespan of their cars and make sure all trips are recorded properly to collect the payments from the drivers.

eSIM based tracking solutionsfor ride sharing

Manage risk
and secure financing
for OEM commercial vehicles

One of the largest European truck manufacturers wanted to expand further its footprint and market share in emerging markets and changed its strategy to directly finance its vehicles to the fleet owners.

Heavy financing costs in emerging markets typically result in fleet owners selecting the cheapest trucks. Cheaper trucks rarely means higher quality. Often this plays a part in compromising the reliability of their operations. Our client wanted to be able to offer their trucks in these areas but at the same time was looking to minimize the risk and challanges related to of non-performing payments or other urgent vehicle repossessing situations.

To address these challenges the client chose a solution built around our T23 Fleet Security Pro hardware as it proved to be the perfect “Truck Immobilizer”,  due to its intelligent immobilizing features and military-grade components providing long-term durability. The OEM Manufacturer decided to install T23 Fleet Security Pro tracking devices with multi-network SIM to each vehicle they finance.

OEM Trackingfor vehicle manufacturers

Pick & choose: build the best value solution for your business


Low cash outlays in hardware and accessories to get started

Data Plans

Select from flexible software, SIM and data plan options

and training

You choose: Use Tramigo support services or self-install

Scalable solutions to monitor and track your assets

Capitalizing on market potential with proactive risk management

Recover stolen

Accurately locate and reliably recover vehicles even without internet access

vehicle repossession

Secure and cost effective vehicle reposession in case of non-payment

Track driver

Use intelligent driver behavior data for powerful analysis

Secure your

Remain in total control with real time alarms and engine shudown capabilities


Increase market share and expand customer demographics through vehicle finance features

Interested in detailed vehicle diagnostics?

Unique vehicle
security features

Each Tramigo device comes with built-in landmark data, developed to make location understanding user-friendly and recovery more effective especially at times of critical events.
Tramigo solutions unique security features include a rich selection of customizeable alarms that work in remote areas even without internet. User may for example configure automatic vehicle engine shut down at the national borders or other preferred zones.

ride sharing

In the emerging markets Tramigo has been supporting entrepreneurs in the quickly expanding ride sharing economy disrupting old business models.
Tramigo tracking solutions have enabled ride sharing financing, provided fleet optimization and driver security for entrepreneurs active on new platforms such as Uber, Bolt, Yango and many other local platforms.

Scalable tracking

Tramigo has provided vehicle insurance companies with tracking devices since 2003.
Recognized in the emerging markets as the go-to solution provider in high value vehicle segments and innovative new insurance products such as PAYG.
The latest tramigo solutions offer vehicle insurance companies a low-cost turn key option suitable for covering all vehicle categories.

Complete turn-key partnership with Tramigo

Conveniently track and protect any numbers of vehicles

Tramigo brings to the market the only solution with the ability to automatically detect any unauthorised usage or movement, even without internet connection.

Covertly installed devices are designed to be a reliable and cost effective way to track any number of vehicles. To operate the solutions customers can choose between the Tramigo cloud or a self-hosted server solution when extended privacy is required.

Tramigo offers complete turn-key solutions where Tramigo field engineers and partners handle everything from installation to staff training and onboarding. With Tramigo your operations will be up and running in no time.

Vehicle Finance and Insurance FAQ

  • Can I get notifications only when there is any issue or customer is breaching the contract?
  • Yes. We offer a simple dashboard where you can see overall status of your fleet and you can get individual notifications only when they matter to you.
  • I don’t want to maintain the system, I want it to be in my vehicles for years. Is this possible?
  • Yes, our devices require very minimal maintenance. If you install the devices with Tramigo Connectivity and without back-up battery, there are no physically maintained parts. If you use our Tramigo Cloud service, you will have all info easily online for your use.
  • Can I immobilize the car, if a client is not paying?
  • Once you send the command for immobilization via SMS or software, the driver will no longer be able to re-start the vehicle once it is turned off.
  • What if my client drives to another country?
  • You can create geofences where you will get a notification when another country is entered or exited. Further you can use a feature which activates the immobilization feature in the vehicle as soon as its enters or exits a particular region.
  • Can I get reports on the driver behaviour?
  • Yes, the system can report for example overspeeding, acceleration and harsh braking.
  • Do you offer special plans for devices which do not need constant reporting?
  • Yes, we have pricing options available for this type of tracking where data is transfered more seldomly.
  • How much does Tramigo system cost?
  • Tramigo solutions are designed based on individual customers business requirements. You can contact Tramigo sales support and communicate your requirements to get a detailed quotation.

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