Vehicle tracking
and connectivity

Mission-critical fleet management with complete solutions across the globe. Offering hardware, software, multi-network regional connectivity installation, and staff onboarding to enhance safety, increase efficiency, and achieve compliance.

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Tramigo fleet management and gps vehicle tracking full solutions stack
Tracking devices

The best in the business with the longest warranty in the industry. Embedded with intelligence and built to last.

Software and apps

Full range from full privacy and control to cloud convenience and mobile.


Customization capabilities to meet your specific needs, from security to fuel management.


Multi-network connectivity for seamless cross border communications.

Tech support and service

Technical proficiency and multi-language customer service built on decades of experience at your disposal.

Project services

Custom project development and support. Let's innovate and build the future together.

Network of local teams

A true partnership means access to local resources when you need them the most.

Financing options

Low interest cost payment instrument options for large fleet owners. Wide range of local currencies accepted.

Tramigo also offers GPS tracking for private cars

Tramigo T23 Fleet Security Pro

GPS vehicle tracker for the most advanced professional fleet management

Trusted by companies operating in some of the world’s most demanding environments. Military grade components. Mission critical fleet management.

Professional fleet
management and security

Tramigo also offers GPS tracking for private cars

Tramigo OBD Premium

All-in-one plug and play vehicle tracking and diagnostics

Plugs directly into your vehicle’s OBD port with no additional tools or wiring required. Connect the device with TramigoApp or TramigoCloud and you can immediately start tracking every time the vehicle is switched on.
Read and reset DTC

Use your mobile app to read and reset diagnostic trouble codes (DTC).

Plug & play tracking

Connect directly to your car's OBD port – no installation required.

Low data cost

Worldwide data coverage with regionally optimized cost packages available for eSIM Edition.

User-friendly mobile app

Track, diagnose and reset DTC directly on your mobile phone.

Accurate GPS

GPS tracking with accurate position and premium quality GPS receiver.

Real-time alerts

Wide range of driver behavior monitoring and geolocation alarms.

CAT M1 support

Tramigo OBD Premium is CATM1 ready.

Tramigo also offers GPS tracking for private cars

Tramigo Connectivity

Introducing Tramigo's new tracking and IoT optimized connectivity and SIM plans

Global coverage

Tramigo connectivity is designed to ensure our customers can rely on the best possible coverage regardless of the country they operate in.Tramigo connectivity will automatically select the best network in 194 countries of the world. Contact Tramigo for optimized tracking data packages in your region.

*Please note: Tramigo is able to sell the connectivity products in only Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, from the Carribean region markets. Further details available on respective product pages.

Tramigo Solutions

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