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Private vehicle tracking in Nigeria – a customer’s story

A 7-year car tracking story

We recently had the opportunity to interview a Tramigo customer based in South West Nigeria.
He told us about his experience using his trusted Tramigo GPS tracker. Here is his story.
Lagos, Nigeria. When Mr Segun Faroun decided to leave his career in IT and business management and start a rubber plantation, he knew he needed protection for his vehicle.

A satisfied small business owner tells his story on how a Tramigo GPS Tracking device has been reliably providing security and tracking in a challenging environment for nearly a decade.

Leaving a successful career behind to start something new

After working for about 20 years in Information technology and as a business manager, Mr Segun Faroun made a big decision. In 2015 he decided he would leave his role in one of the largest corporations in Nigeria and go into business for himself. He had decided to start a rubber plantation.

 A big change that also meant he would now be also travelling widely across South West Nigeria as part of the activities required by farming. We all know that farmers need durable equipment they can rely on. A farmer’s car is one of his most important tools, which needs to be looked after properly. In addition, the road conditions, mobile network conditions and general security can all be an issue for concern. In his own words: “ was a tough decision given bad road networks and insecurity”.

Mr Faroun purchased a Toyota Tacoma truck for transportation and began searching the internet for ways to secure it. He came across Tramigo while searching online for car tracking solutions that would meet his criteria. He continued to download the user manuals, to study them for a few days before proceeding to make his purchase, since for a new business owner it was critical to be sure that this tracking system could be relied on and would be expected to meet his needs.

The conditions in South West Nigeria can be very demanding. There can be issues with road and mobile network coverage, and security is also a concern.

Using his own words Mr Faroun outlined the key criteria for his GPS tracker use:

1.”Keeping my family informed of my location in real-time, even if I forget to call.”

2. “In the unfortunate event of the loss of the vehicle, I wanted to be able to track its location and immobilise its engine.

3. “Should the driver be sent on an errand with the vehicle, I love to be assured he did not deliberately go off course or over speeds. It would be nice to be able to review his travel history.

These were my high expectation of a vehicle management system. I was absolutely surprised that Tramigo T22 offers beyond my high expectations!

tramigo car tracking custoimer nigeria

Mr Segun Faroun knew he wanted the most reliable vehicle tracking system available and found Tramigo

Daily use of vehicle tracking features for over 7 years

So it was 2015 when Mr Faroun originally decided to choose Tramigo. A local Tramigo reseller performed a 30 minutes hardwired installation where the GPS tracking device was placed hidden from sight so that it would go undetected by everyone.

Mr Faroun and selected family members have been tracking the vehicle via their tablets and mobile phones. The family largely performs quick location tracking checks (to identify current location) and uses automated geofence checks which notify the owners whenever the vehicle enters or leaves user-specified areas.

We came in contact with Mr Faroun as we learned that after 7 years of usage he found that while the device was still working, He suspected that he would need to replace the backup battery to ensure reliable tracking even when the vehicle is not running, so his vehicle would no be left unprotected.

A look at the modern next-generation car tracking device

At Tramigo we know that it is not unheard of that Tramigo customers to keep using their Tramigo GPS tracking devices in excess of 7 or even 10 years, and so we reached out to Mr Faroun and asked whether we could share his story with us.

As for the backup battery, the tracking device in question, the Tramigo T22 is no longer being manufactured. So we made plans to upgrade Mr Faroun’s system with a modern T24 Track eSIM. As an added bonus the T24 Track eSIM comes with built-in Tramigo multinetwork connectivity. This means that no matter where in Nigeria he travels, his device will always connect to the best available network. Also, this means that there is no longer any need to pay for a 3rd party SIM as with the T22 previously.

The T24 Track eSIM is a newer, feature-rich car tracking system manufactured with the same quality components and craftsmanship as every Tramigo device. View more details on the T24 track eSIM product page.

We are looking forward to speaking with Mr Faroun again in another 10 years, meanwhile, we wish him happy and secure tracking!