Tramigo OBD premium

From the world's leading tracking device manufacturer

OBD tracking
and diagnostics

All-in-one plug and play

Get started with OBD vehicle tracking and diagnostics

OBD2 vehicle tracking and diagnostics
Read and reset DTC

Use your mobile app to read and reset diagnostic trouble codes (DTC).

E-SIM and other options

OBD comes with Multi-network eSIM card with global coverage built-in. Normal SIM version available also when required.

Plug & play tracking

Connect directly to your car's OBD port – no installation required.

Low data cost

Worldwide data coverage with regionally optimized cost packages available for eSIM Edition.

User-friendly mobile app

Track, diagnose and reset DTC directly on your mobile phone.

Accurate GPS

GPS tracking with accurate position and premium quality GPS receiver.

Real-time alerts

Wide range of driver behavior monitoring and geolocation alarms.

CAT M1 support

Tramigo OBD Premium is CATM1 ready.

Get started with OBD vehicle tracking and diagnostics

Easy Plug&Play

Buy device with ready-to-go built-in eSIM connectivity – no installation required simply plug into your vehicle's OBD port

Track using
app or cloud

Use TramigoApp to add your device to your account and start tracking

12 months
data included

A year of multinetwork connectivity included after which you top up your connectivity data packages online

Convenience with
Plug & and Play tracking

Tramigo OBD Premium is an all‐in‐one Plug and Play tracking device with both vehicle tracking and diagnostics features.

Plugs directly into your vehicle’s OBD port with no additional tools or wiring required. Connect device with TramigoApp or TramigoCloud and you can immediately start tracking every time the vehicle is switched on.

Tramigo OBD Premium is a compact wireless OBD device with the embedded-SIM (eSIM), meaning no SIM installation is required. Geolocation is accurate to within 1 meter.

This next generation OBD device is equipped with the latest technology and with the highest quality available in the market. The device is CATM1 ready.

View and reset
diagnostics (DTC) codes

Use Tramigo OBD premium to quickly diagnose your vehicle’s health and figure out diagnostic trouble codes (fuel and air metering, auxiliary emission control, body systems, brakes and traction control, network electrical etc..

View and reset codes you deem not critical as required directly from your TramigoApp user interface to reduce visits to the mechanic.

Configure alarms (speed, tow, geo, start/stop, crash etc…) and track life diagnostic (engine, liquids, battery etc..) and much more directly on your TramigoApp with your mobile phone.

Multi-Network Regional Connectivity

OBD Premium
Tracking features

 Outside working hours  
 Tow alarm  
Speed alarm  
Excessive idling detection  
 Start/stop report  
Harsh behavior monitoring  
 Crash detection 

OBD Premium
diagnostic Features

 Check engine lights  
 Fuel and air metering control  
 Auxiliary emission control  
 Body systems  
 Brakes and traction control  
 Network electrical  
 DTC reset  
 Engine condition  
 The battery voltage  
Engine coolant temperature 

Tramigo OBD Premium Product Specifications

Hardware Specifications

  • Size: 49 mm x 48 mm x 22 mm
  • Weight: 58 g
  • Backup Battery: Li-Polymer, 60 mAh
  • Operating Voltage: 8V to 32V DC
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to + 80 ℃
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to + 80 ℃ for storage
  • BLE: Support BLW 4.2 protocol

GNSS Specifications

  • GNSS Type: u-blox All-in-One GNSS receiver
  • Sensitivity: Autonomous: -147 dBm
  • Hot start: -156 dBm
  • Reacquisition: -160 dBm
  • Tracking: -162 dBm
  • Position Accuracy: Autonomous 2.5m
  • TTFF: Cold start: 27s average
  • Warm start: 27s average
  • Hot start: 1s average


  • Frequency:850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Data Transmission:GPRS multi-slot class 33
  • EDGE multi-slot class 33

Get started with OBD vehicle tracking and diagnostics

OBD Vehicle Health FAQ

  • Where can I find the OBD port in my car?
  • The OBD-II port is usually located under the dashboard, beneath the steering wheel. However, depending on the make and model of the car, finding the OBD-II may or may not be easy to locate.
  • Do I get notified if the OBD tracking device is pulled out/disconnected from the OBD port by someone?
  • Yes, the Tramigo OBD premium comes with a built-in internal battery. The battery automatically charges when the power is on and if disconnected it alerts if the device is pulled out and will continue to report its position for at least approximately 20 minutes.
  • Does the OBD support Geofencing functionality?
  • Yes, Geofencing is supported. Use your TramigoApp to configure your preferred zones or areas. After configuration you get notified as the vehicle enters or leaves these zones.
  • I have a fault code on my dashboard. Can I use Tramigo OBD Premium to reset DTC codes?
  • Yes, use your TramigoApp to easily reset several fault codes to avoid unnecessary trips to the garage. Please keep in mind that resetting does not address the underlying reason for the code to be triggered.
  • Can I get notified or alerted if the driver is over speeding?
  • • Yes. You can get notified and you can also adjust the speed limit, which would report an overspeeding.
  • Will the Tramigo OBD Premium be visible in my car?
  • The Tramigo OBD premium comes with an enhanced security cable you can use to extend and hide the device.
  • Can I turn off the lights on the OBD so that it is completely in stealth mode?
  • Yes, you can shut down the indication lights through TramigoCloud or TramigoApp.
  • Are there any additional costs if my wife or my client drives to another country?
  • No. Tramigo OBD comes with built-in eSIM with multinetwork connectivity across 194 countries. Tramigo connectivity packages are tailored to cover the markets specified by the customer. With the multinetwork support your device would simply join the network of the new area you are moving in without additional costs.

Get started with OBD vehicle tracking and diagnostics

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