Tramigo B2B Mission Critical Push-to-Talk Solutions

Reliable communications
in any environment

A complete Push To Talk communications solution by Tramigo.
Communicate with your field operations teams reliably no matter where they may be working.
Enjoy encryption, high voice quality and multi-network reliability.

A communications solution built for demanding environments

Improves your employees field productivity while reducing communication costs

Save time and reduce complexity when communicating with your field operations teams on the move. Reach everyone in the team instantly and reliably everytime.
Easy to use software allows you to conveniently connect with the right teams. Rugged handsets designed to last mean that you will be able to reliably connect with your employees in every situation. And you can always rely on Tramigo’s multi-network connectivity for predictably cost-effective and stable connection no matter where you are.
Push-to-talk communications solution, software and handsets

Mission Critical Push To Talk Solutions

Tramigo solutions are complete solutions that include handsets that are built to endure outdoor conditions, multi-network connectivity that makes sure you are always connected through the best available network and robust software to efficiently manage your communications.

Highest voice quality in PTT
Encrypted Communication
Reliable and secure in all conditions
Cost effective and scalable
GPS tracked handsets
Multi-network connectivity
2 choices of desktop software
Dispatcher App for smartphones

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Easy to use software
to manage calls

Choose between web-admin, control center and mobile dispatcher based on your size of operations, needs and preferences.

Tough handsets
built for rugged use

Your staff will be able to use our durable devices with confidence in all field operations.

Stable high quality
voice connection

Delivered over multi-network connectivity across 700+ networks in 200 countries or regions.

Tramigo Push-To-Talk handsets

Rugged handsets
Built for demanding environments

Mission Critical Push-To-Talk (MCPTT) handsets are built tough because of their intended use case scenarios across a variety of field operations.
The standard operating range of Tramigo MCPTT terminals is -4F to 122F (-20C to +50C), and the handsets are water resistant and dustproof.
All our Push-To-Talk handsets are thoroughly tested and internally padded to survive falls and knocks so that they can be reliably used even in emergency and disaster scenarios.
Tramigo Push-To-Talk handsets are also available with MIL-STD-810G and ATEX certifications upon customer request.

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Embedded SIM giving you encrypted multi-network connectivity

Save in cross-border

Tramigo’s multi-network connectivity means concrete savings in communication costs. Hands sets come equipped with cost-effective multi-network connectivity built-in.
This technology works in 4G, 3G, and 2G networks. That means that you will not oly save money but your terminal will always connect you through the most reliable network within the vicinity. Mission Critical Push To Talk (MCPTT) solutions work across networks:
  • GSM
  • CMDA
Additionally, Tramigo MCPTT  supports Bluetooth, WiFi, and is available in a dual SIM version.

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Tramig Mission Critical Push To Talk (MCPTT) solutions have three different software options you can choose from based on your intended use cases and team roles

Push to talk web admin panel


User friendly Web-Admin interface allows creating, adding and removing users and groups.

Users and groups can be also created by uploading an excel file. All admin-functions are available over SOAP-protocol which allows to integrate PTT-management to company CRM and other business services.

Dispatcher desktop application for push-to-talk

Control Center

The Windows PC MCPTT Control Center gives the possibility to monitor, track devices location, and communicate directly to devices.

Audio in/out and text-input can be integrated using standard devices and connections, including wired and Bluetooth. Windows Dispatcher support 1-8 monitors allowing flexible scalability from entry-level single-display system to 8-screen video-wall.

Mobile dispatcher app push-to-talk

Mobile App Dispatcher

The Mobile App Dispatcher is compatible with Android and designed to allow communication with small groups and control center and track devices location as well.

Mobile app dispatcher also allows you to request for a call back from the devices.

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Tramigo Solutions

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