Public sector
vehicle tracking

Fleet management solutions designed for governments and the security industry delivered with military grade components

Stay in control Reduce operating expenses

Prevent fleet misuse and extend vehicle life-span

Since our first government contract in 2005, dozens more government entities ranging from public utility to police and armed forces, across four continents have selected Tramigo as their fleet management and vehicle tracking solution provider.

Tramigo meets and exceeds the criteria in areas vital to government clients such as military grade hardware component quality, high privacy hosting solutions and strong local presence and language support.

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Fleet management solutions for the public sector

Efficiency and

Save fuel costs. Prevent misuse. Extend vehicle fleet life-span.

Monitor and
protect drivers

Range of software and accessory features to secure drivers againts external threats

Optimize resource

Monitor fuel consumption and driver behavior, minimize spare part expenses

Experienced single vendor for a complete solution

Complete solutions
tailored for governments

Tramigo tracking works even without internet connection, delivering mission critical reliability with full customization based on your requirements
Local field engineers and partners handle everything from installation to staff training and onboarding.
With Tramigo your operations will be up and running in no time.

Self-hosted server or
Tramigo cloud convenience

Select preferred hosting and software options based on your operational priorities.
Operate with the convenience provided by Tramigo cloud or maintain full control, security and maximum privacy with our self-hosted version.
Tramigo in-house software development teams deliver software customization to government specifications.

Best-in-class hardware
and accessories

Cost effective vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions built on military grade hardware and optimized for durability and reliability in tough environments.
Easily customize your solution with great selection of accessoriess such as fuel monitoring, driver safety, security alarms and vehicle diagnostics.
Intelligent tracking devices with built in landmark data are part of a complete solution designed to secure your operations even when no internet connection is available.

Vehicle tracking for Public safety, security and government FAQ

  • Do Tramigo solutions allow me to locate my vehicle at any given moment?
  • Yes. You can check the real-time location of your vehicle at any given time using either our mobile application or web application.
  • What reports can I get from the Tramigo system?
  • You can get customized reports on preferred intervals (for example daily, weekly) in various formats (for example PDF, Excel) which can be viewed on the system or received directly to your email.
  • We are using ERP for our internal data and process handling, can we integrate Tramigo data to it?
  • Yes. We offer latest REST API interfaces which can be used to integrate tracking and vehicle data to any system. We also can share our device protocol for getting the direct GPRS data.
  • Can I rebrand Tramigo solution for our operations?
  • Yes, you can brand the whole solution: from tracking devices to the mobile application and the privately hosted M1Fleet Enterprise or the TramigoCloud hosted solution according to your needs.
  • We do not want to store data to a cloud, can Tramigo offer us a locally hosted solution?
  • Yes, Tramigo offers self-hosted software packages where you have all data locally stored. This offers full control and flexibility.
  • How is Tramigo data communication secured?
  • All Tramigo data traffic is highly encrypted between devices and users.
  • We need high mission critical operational capability and internet connectivity is not always available, can Tramigo offer solution for us?
  • Yes. M1Fleet Enterprise is self-hosted solution which can be installed by the customer. It can be used also without internet and is recommended for harsh and special environment requirements.
  • How much maintenance do the Tramigo devices need?
  • The device warranty is up to 2 years and devices have been operational for up to 5-10 years. If our back-up battery is used, it can be replaced during annual vehicle maintenance but this is not mandatory.
  • How much does Tramigo system cost?
  • Tramigo solutions are designed based on individual customers business requirements. You can contact Tramigo sales support and communicate your requirements to get a detailed quotation.

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