Tramigo Launches Advanced Fleet Management Cloud Software

M1 Fleet

Tramigo launches M1 Fleet Pro a new web-based, cloud-hosted advanced fleet management solution.

M1 Fleet Pro is excellent for fleet owners or reseller partners that prefer the convenience of outsourced hosting with high-volume scalability and 24/7 secure hosted under Tramigo Finland. M1 Fleet Pro offers a rich selection of advanced fleet management reports and next-generation user interface design. Along with Tramigo’s amazing intelligently embedded hardware features that work also without Internet, M1 Fleet Pro is truly a unique combination in the fleet management industry.

“M1 Fleet Pro compliments wonderfully our software selection. For customers who prefer our hosting, modern user-interface and advanced fleet management features, then M1 Fleet Pro is truly a viable solution with very competitive annual fees. We are offering seamless support for M1 Fleet Pro and also soon adding embedded connectivity to all our fleet management products. For large fleet owners that operate in multiple countries/continents M1 Fleet Pro is the right solution.”


“M1 Fleet Pro will enrich greatly our software solution portfolio. Together with our M1 Fleet Enterprise self-hosted server software that is designed for maximum privacy and domestic hosting, Tramigo can now serve every need in the advanced fleet management industry.”

For more information on M1 Fleet Pro and to request free demo options, please contact:

For more information on M1 Fleet Enterprise self-hosted server and Tramigo’s unique high-privacy options for governments and security professionals, please contact:

– Arto Tiitinen, CEO, +358 40 5002 923 (WhatsApp),

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