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Tramigo is the optimal partner for mobile network operators in emerging markets who seek to grow their subscriber base from vehicle tracking and fleet management.

Tramigo has experience in helping operators capitalize on IoT connectivity business opportunities in their regions.

Our complete solution covers MNO friendly software, turn key installation, training and support services enabling you to remain focused on your core business.

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Decades of partnership and success

Learn about Tramigo's long and successful history partnering with MNOs

Gaining new high
ARPU customers

An East African MNO set up a new business unit to grow their subscriber base and solidify its leading position in the market. A capable and reliable partner was needed to help capitalize on IOT connectivity opportunities. Tramigo was selected.
The result was a partnership, successful in turning vehicles into subscribers. New subscription plans and solutions were created for all customer segments: large fleets, SME fleet owners and private car security. Programs were set up for extending corporate smart phone subscribers to maximize subscriber loyalty and retention.
Offering mission critical fleet management solutions for public safety and security departments, allowed the company to further strengthen its importance in the society.

Decades of experience
working with operators

Tramigo technology relies on SIM cards to connect devices and machines securely so that systems and businesses can operate efficiently. Tramigo has a long and rich history of successful partnerhsips working with MNOs across every continent.
Tramigo journey began with MNOs from South-East Asia and Latin-America. Early-stage Tramigo pioneered SMS based real-time tracking attracted mobile operators to partner with Tramigo. Over time the relationships and solutions offered jointly have evolved, with exceptional growth in Sub-Saharan Africa over the past decade.
For interested MNOs this means for example the ability to launch new solutions with re-branded hardware and software solutions with just a few weeks notice.

Mobile Network Operators FAQ

  • Can I rebrand Tramigo solution for our mobile operator branding?
  • Yes, you can brand the whole solution: from tracking devices to the mobile application and the privately hosted M1Fleet Enterprise or the TramigoCloud hosted solution according to your needs.
  • What benefits does Tramigo offer to our portfolio products?
  • We have a track record of excellent ARPU for mobile operator clients who are also offered a tracking solution.
  • Is it complicated to start offering Tramigo solutions?
  • No. We have smooth processes for co-branding, training, solution sales and marketing activities.
  • Do you also work in country x?
  • We offer solutions globally in over 130 countries. You can contact our sales for detailed information.
  • How much does Tramigo system cost?
  • Tramigo solutions are designed based on individual customers business requirements. You can contact Tramigo sales support and communicate your requirements to get a detailed quotation.

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