Tramigo B2B asset tracking and monitoring

Track location
Monitor and stay connected

Secure and protect your valuable assets and equipment.

Prevent fuel theft track and retrieve stolen assets

Tracking and control to ensure your operations run smoothly

Tramigo GPS tracking solutions provide your company with a single vendor solution to monitor and protect its valuable equipment. Secure peace of mind with real time exception alarms even when you operate in the most remote areas with no internet connection available.

Built in embedded intelligence and Tramigos unique TLD Landmark data ensure that you may smoothly track and monitor all your equipment on any device.

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Communicate your business requirements and receive draft proposal and quote

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Installation and training

Tramigo specialists performs hardware install, software set-up and provide comprehensive onsite and online training and onboarding

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As a Tramigo customer, you are our partner with access to technical support and new solution development

Protect valuable
capital investments

Decades of experience in successfully protecting valuable equipment in challenging emerging market environments.

Only solution on the market with the ability to automatically detect any unauthorised usage or movement, even without internet connection.


Detect and identify
any equipment misuse

With heavy equipment you need to keep and eye on operating expenses.

Monitor equipment usage such as accurate engine hours and fuel levels with real time theft notifications.

Improve accountability by knowing when and where your equipment is being used.


Optimize equipment
maintenance cycles

Keep your valuable equipment in optimal operating condition even when its not conveniently accessible.

Monitor usage and get automated alerts to help you plan preventive maintenance and refuelling needs.

Reduce manual maintenance checks. Increase equipment life span and save in spare parts.



Get started with Tramigo asset tracking solutions

Decades of partnership and success

Learn about Tramigo's long and succesfull history in asset tracking

Tramigo OEM
asset tracking solution

A global industrial equipment manufacturer provided mission critical assets to it customers. These are large and heavy, but still prone to theft due to heir high value. Frequent theft presents a critical challenge for the customers and their operations relying on these assets.

After a rigorous evaluation and testing process that took over two years, Tramigo was selected to supply a complete OEM solution to help track and secure this valuable equipment. By installing Tramigo already at the factory, the equipment is now upgraded with embedded network connectivity and tracking capability .

Factory installed Tramigo devices are completely maintenance free and provide the end-users with realtime tracking capability for the duration of the asset life-time. While theft always remains an issue, Tramigo has been able to provide a 100% recovery rate.

Improve your operational efficiency

With Tramigo asset tracking solutions you ensure you are always in control

Our GPS asset and equipment tracking solutions can be customized according to match your needs. Tramigo hardware is available with built-in, rechargeable long life batteries or they can be connected directly to your equipments power source. All hardware comes with a wide selection of accessories to provide a range of monitoring capabilities.

Tramigo solutions come complete with software accessible on any device, turn key local installation and service support.

All Tramigo equipment are backed by industry leading warranty in Tramigo markets. Tramigo solution customers may also opt for Tramigo lifetime warranty.

Track and secure any asset

Our versatile asset tracking solutions help businesses and governements add extra layer of security to their operations. Customizeable solutions give business capabilities to monitor engine hours, detect misuse, get real time emergy alarms and power outage notifications or detect fraud, depending on your asset type and use case.


Combine real-time fuel monitoring and anti theft alarms


Covert and secure tracking with long battery life. Ability to communicate with horse


Waterproof devices with long battery life operate even without internet

Ballot boxes

Security and tracking delivered by Tramigo custom project services


Covertly installed military grade security with tampering alarms


Secure industrial rental equipment. monitor and optimize equipment life span

Commercial refrigerator

Monitor status and prevent misuse with covertly installed device connected to AC power


Durable devices protected against voltage surges designed for heavy machinery

Getting started with Tramigo Asset Tracking Solutions

Step 1

Communicate your business requirements and receive draft proposal and quote

Step 2
Installation and training

Tramigo specialists performs hardware install, software set-up and provide comprehensive onsite and online training and onboarding

Step 3

As a Tramigo customer, you are our partner with access to technical support and new solution development

Getting started with Tramigo Asset Tracking Solutions

Tramigo Asset and equipment tracking solutions FAQ

  • Can I set my tracker to send notifications only when there is some issue with the asset?
  • Yes. We offer simple dashboard which you can see overall status of your assets and you can get individual notifications only when they matter to you.
  • Does Tramigo solution allow me to locate my assets at any given moment?
  • Yes. You can check the location of your vehicle at any given time using either our mobile application or web application. If asset tracker is in sleep mode for battery saving purposes, it will wake up when in movement.
  • Can I get an automatic alarm if the asset is exiting a specific zone or area?
  • With the geofencing functionality you receive notifications when the geofences are entered or exited.
  • I don’t want to maintain the system, I want it to be in my assets for years. Is this possible?
  • Yes, our devices require very minimal maintenance. If you install the devices with Tramigo Connectivity and without back-up battery, there are no physically maintained parts. If you use our Tramgo Cloud service, you will have all info easily online for your use.
  • How much maintenance do the Tramigo devices need?
  • The device warranty is up to 2 years and devices have been operational for up to 5-10 years. If our back-up battery is used, it can be replaced during annual vehicle maintenance but this is not mandatory.
  • Can I use odometer value to get maintenance alerts?
  • Yes, when a certain odometer value is reached, you will get a notification.
  • What reports can I get from the Tramigo system?
  • You can get customized reports on preferred intervals (for example daily, weekly) in various formats (for example PDF, Excel) which can be viewed on the system or received directly to your email.
  • How can I immobilize my high value equipment and assets?
  • For movable equipments, you can install immobilizer and you can immobilize your equipment offline via SMS or online via our in-house software.
  • Are there additional data cost if the assets goes to another country?
  • Tramigo Connectivity is automatically connecting to the best possible local network in the country without any additional cost implication.
  • What is Tramigo Landmark Data (TLD)?
  • Tramigo Landmark Data (TLD) is a comprehensive set of geographical locations pre-programmed on the Tramigo device (e.g. the Eiffel tower or the Taj Mahal), enabling the device to report its position using known landmarks on top of coordinates. Tramigo TLD Landmarks provide an easy to understand landmark refenrece point in addition to geo cordinates, to communicate vehicle, equipment or staff location. Users can easily define custom landmark’s e.g. the company office, a preferred gas station, charging station or any other kind of point of interests you may consider significant in relation to tracking the movement of your assets.
  • Are Tramigo landmarks available for my country?
  • Tramigo landmarks are available for every country in the world.
  • Do you offer special plans for devices which do not need constant reporting?
  • Yes, we have pricing options available for this type of tracking where data is transfered more seldomly.
  • How much do the Tramigo solutions cost?
  • Tramigo solutions are designed based on individual customers business requirements. You can contact Tramigo sales support and communicate your requirements to get a detailed quotation.

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