Tramigo About us

Tramigo is a technological leader and a pioneer in the global vehicle tracking business.


As the technology leader in the vehicle tracking and fleet management industry, Tramigo has decisively been creating a new brand and industry dominance since 2002. First starting in the tracking business and lately in the IoT connectivity space.
We have always been customer driven and believed that building a brand is critical to create value and long-term sustainability in any industry.  Already at an early stage, we knew that emerging markets are our home, as its exciting to be part of the vibrant growth of such countries that have a great growth potential and young populations.
in 2007 we saw the opportunity to expand from Asia and Latin-America to Middle-East and especially Sub-Saharan Africa and now at 2020, we are a market leader in many of our “home markets”.


We are pioneers and brand builders, a team of highly innovative and persistent entrepreneurs aiming to change the tracking industry and create the first global consumer brand in the tracking solutions and telematics business.
To achieve our goal we create the best hardware and software solutions which consumers experience as easy to use, high value for money, reliable and intelligent.


Tramigo is run by a team of highly ambitious entrepreneurs who continuously want to improve the offered solutions and thereby make the life easier for the end-customer.
Tramigo’s management spends much of their time in the field, working together with the local teams to support, develop and meet the end customers to continuously learn more about the problems and come up with new solutions.
The back-bone of the company is our local teams knowing the real problems our end-users are struggling with. These entrepreneurial minded Tramigo-family members are hand-picked to fit the family and our core values which are reliability, entrepreneurship and trustworthy. Using the words of the CEO, “once you join the Family, you are here to stay”.