Tramigo B2B Vehicle Connectivity Solutions

IoT mobility platform
connecting vehicles

Tramigo is connecting vehicles in emerging markets

Transforming vehicle finance and ride-sharing with embedded connectivity

Enabling security, productivity and prosperity for emerging market vehicle owners.
Together with its partners, Tramigo is uniquely positioned to transform the automotive industry in emerging markets.

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Connected car
the vision

In Tramigo’s vision, through IoT vehicle connectivity we will be able to participate in the introduction of developments and benefits that will have several positive socioeconomic impacts on Environment, Employment, local Economies as well Health and Safety.

Helping transform
vehicle finance markets

Imagine a vehicle finance company no longer having to worry about the loss of their collateral.

Reduced cost of financing suddenly makes their services accessible to more businesses and individuals.

Equally vehicle insurance companies will be better positioned to help extend coverage to increasing numbers of customers.

Paving the way for
Prosperity and growth

As the share of population with access to vehicles and vehicle ownership increases, ecosystems that are able to support new transport related business models also begin to grow and gain strength.

This means more services, more sources of income to businesses and individuals and of course more tax revenues for governments.

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Benefit together with regional economies, businesses and their entrepreneurial people

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Tramigo Connected Car FAQ

  • What does connected car mean?
  • Tramigo Connected Car solution will provide IoT connectivity to your vehicle in the emerging markets. With combination of eSIMs tailored for emerging markets, tracking hardware and software, you can get a connected car experience even as an after market service solution.
  • What reports can I get from the Tramigo system?
  • You can get customized reports on preferred intervals (for example daily, weekly) in various formats (for example PDF, Excel) which can be viewed on the system or received directly to your email.
  • Can I integrate Tramigo data to third party solutions?
  • Yes. We offer latest REST API interfaces which can be used to integrate tracking and vehicle data to any system. We can also share our device protocol for getting the direct GPRS data.
  • How is Tramigo data communication secured?
  • All Tramigo data traffic is highly encrypted between devices and users.
  • What kind of alarms do you offer?
  • We have a clear dashboard where you can see your vehicles status. All alarms can be configured and you can receive them for example via notifications and emails. There are several alarms such as speeding, geofence, motion, towing, tampering etc.
  • Does Tramigo device drain the car battery?
  • No, the device will go to sleep mode when the car is not used and will only consume minimal power.
  • Can I use the Tramigo OBD Premium for my fleet?
  • Yes, for connected car experience you can use Tramigo OBD Premium, T23 Fleet Security Pro and T24 series products.
  • How can I immobilize my vehicle?
  • You can immobilize your vehicle offline via SMS or online via our in-house software.
  • Are there additional data cost if my truck drives to another country?
  • Tramigo Connectivity automatically connects to the best possible local network in the country you are driving to without any additional cost implication.
  • What is Tramigo Landmark Data (TLD)?
  • Tramigo Landmark Data (TLD) is a comprehensive set of geographical locations pre-programmed on the Tramigo device (e.g. the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal), enabling the device to report its position using known landmarks on top of coordinates. Tramigo TLD Landmarks provide an easy to understand landmark reference point in addition to geo coordinates, to communicate vehicle, equipment or staff location. Users can easily define custom landmarks e.g. the company office, a preferred gas station, charging station or any other kind of point of interests you may consider significant in relation to tracking the movement of your assets.
  • Are Tramigo landmarks available for my country?
  • Tramigo landmarks are available for every country in the world.
  • What solution is recommended for me?
  • Please contact Tramigo sales for a complete answer. You can however begin by considering Tramigo T24 Track series when you want a secure and concealed installation or our OBD Premium for plug’n’play installation (which is great if you wish to quickly switch the tracking device from one vehicle to another).
  • How much do Tramigo solutions cost?
  • Tramigo solutions are designed based on individual customers business requirements. You can contact Tramigo sales support and communicate your requirements to get a detailed quotation.

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Tramigo Solutions

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  • Tramigo provides complete tracking and fleet management solutions. Tramigo solutions cover everything from best-in-class hardware and accessories, hosting and software, connectivity to training, onboarding and technical support to ensure you are able to get your operations running in no time.

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