Tramigo Asset Tracker

Secure, track and monitor valuable assets and equipment

Track any asset

This compact tracking device requires no installation and comes with built-in eSIM meaning its ready to go right out of the box. Equipped with an ultra long lasting internal battery (up to 1 year depending on your settings) with the device encased in a waterproofed durable plastic casing (IP67) means it is easy to place covertly without having to worry about the tracker breaking down or malfunctioning even over long tracking periods.
Owners do not have to worry about connectivity or data cost issues even if the asset is crossing country boarders across the globe. Tramigo’s CAT-M1 devices are 5G ready and come equipped with global embedded connectivity with data usage optimized for tracking purposes.
Conveniently track your assets using your mobile phone or on a computer by pairing your device with the Tramigo App or Tramigo Cloud software.
No installation required

A stand alone device with built-in batteries and eSIM connectivity.

Super long battery life

Rechargeable batteries lasting up to 1 year depedning on your settings.

Geo-fence alarms

Configure your tracker to alert you if asset moves from or to designated sectors.

Motion detection alarms

Configure tracker to detect is your assets starts moving or is pushed to prevent theft.


Enjoy care free tracking with a durable waterproofed casing combined with long batter life.

Small size – easy to hide

Compact size (87x51x30mm) makes for easy concealment and versatitle use cases.

Versatile use cases

Compact and durable. Track anything from construction equipment to live stock.

Get in touch and start tracking your assets

Track and secure
Any asset

Compact, durable and waterproof means you can track just about anything

battery life

Built-in battery last up to 1 year depending on users preferred tracking settings

global coverage

Regionally optimized data plans. Data usage optimized for global tracking with low data costs

User friendly and secure asset tracking

Track on your mobile phone or computer, up to 1 year reliably across the globe

Valueable equipment

Protect and safeguard your companies equipment and machinery from theft using Tramigo’s Asset Tracking solutions. Make sure you can get alerted and locate any stolen assets quickly to avoid interruption of your work or project.
  • Motion and geofencing alarms alerting when needed
  • Long battery time for convenience in operation
  • Easy to use software for monitoring
Embedded global connectivity to ensure you always get contact with your asset
Monitor  |  Secure  |  Locate

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FAQ: Tramigo Asset Tracker

  • How often do I need to charge Tramigo asset Tacker?
  • The Tramigo asset tracker is equipped with a rechargeable battery with what you could call and ultra-long battery life. The whole device is optimized to maximize the battery life and depending on your settings you can achieve battery life of up to 1 year. Typical range between recharging is between 3 months to a year depending on the preferred tracking settings used.
  • Can I track assets and equipment not connected to a power source?
  • Yes absolutely. While Tramigo can provide you with an option to connect your tracking device to a power source like a vehicle battery, the Tramigo Asset Tracker has been specifically developed to include a long lasting battery that does not need any external power source.
  • Do I need a SIM card with Tramigo asset Tracker?
  • Tramigo asset tracker comes with builtin eSIM meaning you do not require additional SIM cards
  • But can I still use it with my own SIM if I wanted to?
  • Yes, you can, if you wish to. The Tramigo Asset Tracker can also be operated with your own SIM card.
  • What does “the device comes with embeeded global connectivity with data use optimized for tracking purposes” mean?
  • Tramigo asset tracker comes with built in eSIM which offers global multinetwork connectivity. The device and functionality is designed to optimize data usage to keep usage at minimum. Tramigo connectiovity comes with multinetwork connectivity across 194 countries.  Tramigo connectivity packages are tailored to cover the markets specified by the customer. With the multinetwork support your device would simply join the network of the new area you are moving in without additional costsin such a way that no roaming is required. This combination results in global tracking coverage but exceptionally low data fees for the users.
  • Is the Tramigo Asset Tracker suitable for marine yachts?
  • Definititely! The device has been designed to be as versatile as possible to support as many use cases as possible. Hence the compact durable and waterproof casing which in fact makes it great for tracking yachts.
  • Can I use the Tramigo Asset Tracker to track livestock?
  • Absolutely! With the long battery life and geofencing options it is ideal for tracking of live stock when used with a collar.

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