Tramigo T23 Fleet Security Pro

GPS vehicle tracker for the most advanced professional fleet management

Professional Fleet
Security and Tracking

Our flagship GPS tracking device built for demanding enterprise level fleet management. Designed for 24V heavy trucks and equipment and built with military grade components your fleet can always count on the T23 Fleet Security Pro. 
Pair together with the global multi-network Tramigo Fleet SIM for seamless crossborder connectivity and complete peace of mind. With our embedded intelligence included, with the T23 Fleet Security Pro you can operate even without the internet.
Customize your T23 Fleet Security Pro to your needs with our rich selection of professional accessories ranging from various sensors and fuel management to hands free driver audio communication with your control center.

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Firmware Features

Designed to lead the market in the enterprise fleet management category the T23 Fleet Security Pro is packed with a set of powerful features.

TLD Landmarks

Only in Tramigo, user-friendly embedded mapping standard

User locations

Add your critical locations to optimize real-time alarms on highways

Advanced anti-jamming

Additional security enhanced anti-jamming features

Anti-theft alarm

Built-in motion sensor with real-time alarms even without internet

Embedded geofencing

Only in Tramigo, a wide range of unique embedded geofencing features

Check-point alarm

Unique embedded check-point alarms based on user defined private hot-spots

Power-cut alarm

Real-time embedded notification even without internet

Driving habits

Monitor usage and get speed reporting, harsh breaking and idle alarms

Mission critical
fleet management

Built with military grade components for unbeatable operational reliability.

Equipped with advanced privacy. Off-line tracking supported.

The most trusted GPS tracking device

Hardware – Multinetwork connectivity – Realtime alarms – Offline tracking support

Download Tramigo T23 Fleet Full technical specifications Fact sheet

hardware features

The T23 FLEET has a rich selection of connectors and accessories to meet the most advanced needs such as digital, analog, audio and 1-wire interface. The device comes with Internal and external GPS antenna for flexible installation options.

SOS button

Improve security with hidden SOS button alerting registered users

Door sensor

Get immediate notifications if anything opens or closes


Force a vehicle shutdown based on custom triggering

Alarm siren

Sound alarm signals based on custom triggers like motion or overspeeding

Fuel sensor

Prevent fuel theft from your vehicles with immediate alarm notifications

Driver ID

Each driver can have a unique driver identification key with various reports/alarms

Temperature sensor

Alarms based on set min and max temperatures e.g. for sensitive cargo

Audio solutions

Hands free voice features and covert listening for increased security

Mission critical
fleet management

Real-time tracking and monitoring even in remote areas.

Powerful and accurate reporting features.

Reliability, security and improved business results.


No foreign hosting required – encrypted data connection available

Offline tracking

Receive critical messages and keep operating even without the internet

Longest life-span
in the industry

Military grade components with high tolerance levels

Tramigo T23 Fleet Full Technical specifications Download Here

Tramigo T23 Fleet Technical Specifications

  • Hardware Specifications

  • Size: 130 mm x 60 mm x 26 mm
  • Weight with battery: 165 g
  • Weight with battery: 125 g
  • Temperature

  • Operating -20 to +80 ℃
  • Charging 0 to +45 ℃
  • GPS

  • GPS SiRF 4 based GPS module, Telit JF2
  • Internal antenna, external optional
  • Cold Start: <35 s, Hot start: 1 s
  • Signal strength acquisition -147 dBm, tracking -163
  • GSM

  • 850/900/1800/1900 Sierra Wireless Wismo 228
  • Internal antenna
  • Multi slot class 10, Terminal B
  • Connection ports

  • USB – micro USB – power and data input/output
  • 2.5 mm jack – microphone, handsfree kit optional
  • GPIO – Molex 43045-1200
  • 2 power, 2 ground
  • 4 digital inputs,2 digital outputs
  • 1 analog input and 1-wire interface supporting multiple sensors
  • GPS – fakra connector
  • Power

  • Input Voltage 6 – 32 DC
  • 3.7 V, 1300 mAh, Li-Polymer inbuilt replaceable backup battery
  • Charging through USB or DC supply input
  • Typical power consumption 40-90 mA, standby 1 mA
  • Audio

  • Remote listen function
  • Speed dialing to 3 pre-programmed numbers

Technical Specifications Youtube video

Tramigo T23 Fleet Technical Data & Dimensions Download here

FAQ: T23 Fleet Security Pro – GPS tracking device

  • What is Tramigo T23 Fleet Security Pro?
  • Tramigo T23 Fleet Security Pro is Tramigos flagship GPS tracking device model developed for demanding enterprise fleet management, but compatible with a range of vehicles. The T23 Fleet Security Pro is the only tracking device that uses easy to understand landmarks to communicate it’s location. The location is determined by GPS satellites and you use a regular mobile phone to send and receive text messages from your T23 Fleet Security Pro. 
  • How do I know the IMEI of my unit?
  • There are several ways:
    • Send VERSION command to the unit.
    • Take out the battery and check the sticker on the unit.
    • Check the box of your T23 Fleet Security Pro under the barcodes.
    • To know that your T23 Fleet Security Pro is not a fake, check that the IMEI on the sticker under the battery is the same as the IMEI mentioned in the output after sending VERSION command to the unit.
  • How do I take out the battery from the T23?
  • Press and slide the battery cover. Gently push the notch lock of the battery. Lift the battery out.
  • How long does it take for the unit to get its position?
  • With ideal conditions 1 to 5 minutes the first time you use the unit. The unit can re-establish its location in a few seconds.
  • What if I am outside GSM coverage area?
  • Your T23 Fleet Security Pro tracking device will store up to 20 outgoing messages until it is connected to the network. Incoming messages to your T23 Fleet Security Pro are stored on the network.
  • Are Tramigo landmarks available for my country?
  • Tramigo landmarks help translate complex cordinates to easily recognizeable places on the map. Tramigo landmarks are available for every country in the world.

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