GPS tracking solutions for rental equipment

GPS tracking for motorcycles, ATVs, boats, trailers, and boat trailers

Easy tracking solutions
for rental use

Tramigo offers concrete protection to avoid unpleasant surprises and financial risks caused by vandalism and theft

Secure and easily track with Tramigo GPS tracking solutions

All location data, reports, notifications, and alerts conveniently sent directly to your mobile phone

Choose the most suitable GPS tracking and monitoring solution from Tramigo’s range to provide additional security and protection for leisure equipment and vehicles prone to theft and vandalism, such as ATVs, motorcycles, trailers, or snowmobiles. With Tramigo’s tracking solutions, you receive reliable and affordable tracking that can be managed directly from your mobile phone.
Tramigo offers reliable and versatile security solutions developed in Finland. Each Tramigo solution includes a high-quality tracking device with a built-in comprehensive multi-network connection and user-friendly software designed for the solution.
Our comprehensive solutions are suitable for both professional and private use.

Price always includes 12 months of unlimited usage. Additional years at €38 / year.

Equipmen with
a battery or a power Source

With the Tramigo 4G Vehicle Tracker-based solution, you can conveniently have functional tracking and protection for snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, as well as jet skis and boats.

Protection and security:

  • Accurate real-time GPS tracking helps locate the stolen device and facilitates quick assistance dispatch
  • Remote immobilization stops unauthorized use
  • Geo-Fence function allows for monitoring and management of designated areas

Engine maintenance and upkeep:

  • Monitoring of engine usage and generating reports
  • Automatic maintenance interval tracking and notifications


Trailers and Caravans:
No built-in power source

Secure your rental trailers and caravans with Tramigo Asset Tracker, a durable and waterproof GPS tracking device with its own rechargeable battery.

Using the magnet or Velcro attachment provided with Tramigo Asset Tracker, you can easily attach the device to various trailer and caravan models.

The device detects and reports changes in location and environmental conditions (sensitive to motion, temperature, and light levels). You will receive alerts and reports, and you can easily manage settings directly from your mobile phone or through a browser-based desktop interface.

Battery life depends on the settings and is approximately 1 year.


All inclusive tracking solutions GPS tracking device and smartphone application

No hidden costs, price always includes 12 months of unlimited usage. Additional years at €38 / year.

Manage and track your euipment from your phone

Tramigo tracking devices are always delivered with built-in eSIM multi-network connections, which provide the most affordable data connections for the devices in the market. The price of the solution always includes one year of unlimited data connections during the system’s usage. The location and data connections also work in cases where the target has been transported across borders.
Tracking and management are done through the user-friendly Tramigo smartphone application, which can be downloaded directly from the Android and iOS app stores. The device buyer receives a unique activation code for device activation. If you have chosen a device that is permanently installed and supports remote immobilization, this can also be done directly through the same application.
Tramigo offers turnkey solutions, and for devices requiring fixed installation, Tramigo arranges local installation (or provides instructions for self-installation).

Tracking App

Download the Tramigo iOS or Android application to your smartphone. You will receive tracking, reports, notifications, and alerts directly to your phone.

In TramigoApp and TramigoCloud software solutions, your data is maintained in a secure cloud server environment located within the EU.

TramigoCloud desktop for business use (5+ devices): For rental operations or tracking and management of multiple assets, you can also choose the desktop software version designed for parallel use on computers.

GPS Tracking Device features

Explore the devices and choose the most suitable package for you.

For equipment with
a battery or power Source:
4G Vehicle Tracker

Extremely compact GPS tracking device that is permanently installed and enables remote immobilization of the engine.

Works in 2G-4G networks. Compatible with 8V-32V batteries.

Suitable for nearly all battery-powered machinery and equipment.
Slim and discreet design, easily concealable.

Operates in extreme conditions (-30°C to +80°C).
Offers easily manageable extensive location and usage reporting capabilities, as well as automatic alerts.

Tramigo 4G vehicle Tracker87 mm x 55 mm x 12,5 mm

For equipment
with no power source
Asset Tracker

Durable, waterproof, compact, and reliable. Plug & Play installation. Works in 2G-4G networks.

Sensitive sensors detect and report location, removal of the tracking device, temperature variations, and sudden changes in lighting.

Compact size, operates reliably between -25°C and +60°C. Battery life approximately 1 year depending on settings. Recommendation: stationary device sends location data once per day, while in motion, data updates location every 10 minutes.

Extensive reporting, alert, and management features.

Tramigo Asset Tracker87 mm x 51 mm x 30 mm

Do you still have questions? Please view frequently asked questions below.

GPS tracking for leisure equipment and machinery – frequently asked questions

  • What is included in the tracking solutions?
  • The solutions include a reliable GPS tracking device with built-in eSIM mobile data connectivity and a user-friendly mobile application designed for the solution. The price of the device includes unlimited usage for 12 months, and additional years can be obtained for €38/year. The buyer selects the most suitable tracking device for their needs, and depending on the chosen device, the solution is either ready for use immediately after the application installation or requires a fixed installation on the machinery. For fixed installations, the customer can perform the installation themselves or have it done by a local Tramigo partner for a separate fee.
  • How do I choose the most suitable tracking device for me?
  • Choose the most suitable tracking device based on your usage requirements and the features of the devices you want to track. For devices that require a fixed installation, the device is connected to the machinery’s power source, and during installation, the necessary connections for remote immobilization are also made.
  • My company rents ATVs. What is the recommended solution for us?
  • When the device has its own power source, it is always recommended to choose a solution based on a device that can be installed on a fixed power source. The Tramigo 4G Vehicle Tracker is designed to be compact and durable and is compatible with devices equipped with 8V-32V batteries. Since the 4G Vehicle Tracker is installed permanently on, for example, a snowmobile or an ATV, it also supports remote immobilization, which provides additional security against unauthorized use.
  • What type of device is suitable for tracking boat trailers or horse trailers?
  • The compact Tramigo Asset Tracker is equipped with a built-in battery and does not require a fixed installation. The device is delivered in a durable and waterproof plastic case, and the package includes secure magnet and adhesive attachments. Due to its small size, the Tramigo Asset Tracker can be easily hidden, for example, inside the frame of a boat trailer. The Asset Tracker is also easily transferable between devices since it does not need to be connected to an external power source.
  • The Asset Tracker has its own battery and does not require a separate power source. How long does the battery last on a single charge?
  • The battery life depends on the user’s settings, which can be easily managed through the mobile application. With recommended settings, the battery can last approximately one year. In this case, the Asset Tracker automatically reports its location once a day. The owner can adjust the device to respond automatically to motion, sending location updates every 10 minutes. The set transmission frequency and duration of motion affect how long the battery lasts. The Asset Tracker package includes a wireless charger for convenient recharging when needed.
  • How do I know if there is unauthorized use or theft?
  • The device owner can set up restricted areas in the device’s settings using their mobile phone. If the device moves outside the defined area, the owner will receive an automatic alert on their mobile phone according to their chosen settings. Multiple custom zones can be created and modified according to specific needs. For models that are connected to the power source, they can also be set to automatically send an alert every time the device is started.
  • Tramigo Asset Tracker is attached using magnets. How do I know if the tracking device is removed?
  • The Asset Tracker is equipped with highly sensitive sensors that detect if the device is removed from its location. In such cases, the device owner will receive an automatic alert on their phone.
  • Why does Tramigo Asset Tracker detect sudden changes in lighting?
  • The detection of lighting changes is designed to generate alerts in cases where valuable items are stored in enclosed spaces or boxes, and it is important for the owner to monitor if the space or box is opened unexpectedly.
  • Why does the Tramigo Asset Tracker detect and how sensitively is the detection of sudden changes in temperature?
  • The Asset Tracker detects and notifies the user of changes in the set target temperature with an accuracy of 1 degree in various remote locations, such as greenhouses, wells, or other sensitive environments where tracking is required. Automatic notifications help owners avoid unnecessary damages.
  • How can I purchase a Tramigo tracking solution?
  • For corporate purchases and inquiries, you can fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page or contact us via email: or phone our sales manager, Paul Cederberg directly, at +358 500 962 814

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