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Tramigo solutions come complete solution covering hardware, software, connectivity and services

We offer customizable solutions for vehicle tracking and fleet management that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your business. Our modular approach ensures that you have the right tools and features for success.
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Tracking devices

The best in the business with the longest warranty in the industry. Embedded with intelligence and built to last.

Push-to-talk communication

High-quality group calls solutions for demanding environments

Software and apps

Full range from full privacy and control to cloud convenience and mobile.


Multi-network connectivity for seamless cross border communications.


Customization capabilities to meet your specific needs, from security to fuel management.

Tech support and service

Technical proficiency and multi-language customer service built on decades of experience at your disposal.

Financing options

Low interest cost payment instrument options for large fleet owners. Wide range of local currencies accepted.

Network of local teams

A true partnership means access to local resources when you need them the most.

Tramigo vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions are designed to cover all the critical dimensions that vehicle fleet owners need. Our solution stack reflects these dimensions. Each solution dimension is designed to work seamlessly together in order to deliver on our core promise of mission critical reliability and performance.
Contact Tramigo to have our sales engineers assess your requirements and suggest a solution design that is perfect for your business. You can always buy individual products like tracking devices, accessories or connectivity products separately.

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Select and combine products off the shelf according to your needs from hardware to software, including global, regional or national connectivity.

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Choose to simply get the best connectivity and data deals in the business to use on your own tracking systems and devices.

Industry pioneering gps tracking and fleet management solutions

Trusted single vendor for everything from vehicle tracking hardware, software, connectivity and training and support services

Identify the right solution for your needs

Tracking and fleet management solutions for all use cases

Push-To-Talk Solutions

With Tramigo Push-To-Talk solutions you can communicate with your field operations teams reliably no matter where they may be working.

Enjoy encryption, high voice quality and multi-network reliability.

Read more about Tramigo Push-To-Talk


Asset tracking and monitoring

For businesses looking to secure and protect valuable assets and equipment.

A wide range of useful applications from preventing fuel theft to managing equipment misusage or reducing maintenance requirements of your off-site equipment.

Read about Asset tracking (Tramigo global)

Vehicle tracking and OBD diagnostics

Solutions built on a flexible and modular combination of security and convenience.

A great fit when you are looking for anything from worry free vehicle fleet security and management to anything from realtime monitoring and diagnostics.

Read about Vehicle tracking and OBD diagnostics (Tramigo global)

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Mission Critical Fleet Management

Reliably manage and secure your fleet and cargo even in the most demanding environments. A reputation you can trust, built over years and across continents.

With Tramigo fleet management solutions intelligent, military grade components guarantee your business maintains control and avoids unwanted surprises.

Read about Mission critical fleet management(Tramigo global)

Vehicle security for private cars and SME fleets

GPS tracking and private vehicle security for vehicle owners who require an extra layer of security.

Convenient and scalable solution for SME fleet management.

Read about Vehicle security and tracking for consumers and SME Fleets (Tramigo global)

Tramigo Connected car

In the field of IoT vehicle connectivity Tramigo flexibly supports companies in their connected vehicle programs.

We see this as an exciting opportunity to participate in the introduction of developments and benefits that will have several positive socioeconomic impacts on Environment, Employment, local Economies as well Health and Safety.

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Complete tracking and fleet management solutions for your business

Tramigo Tracking Solutions FAQ

  • What do Tramigo Solutions consist of?
  • Tramigo Solutions are complete packages including the right device supported with select accessories, the most appropriate software and an optimal connectivity package all selected based on your operational requirements. Contact Tramigo sales engineers to learn more about what kind of combination would provide you with the best value in both the long and the short run.
  • Do Tramigo Solutions include installation and support?
  • Tramigo support is available for all customers for troubleshooting. Installation and installation training are available and provided as agreed and based on the customer’s specified needs. Tramigo has a wide reseller and installation partner network that is available for individual installations. Customers can also handle installations inhouse.
  • Do all Tramigo Solutions require installation?
  • No. Our OBD Premium and Asset Tracker work as Plug-&-Play without the need for a physical installation. Simply register your device on your TramgoApp or TramigoCloud account and you are ready to go.
  • Why should I consider a device that requires installation over a Plug-&-Play Solution?
  • The right device type and installation method depends on your needs. Hard-wired (installed) devices offer more security and are typically installed so that they are hard to detect. These covertly installed tracking devices are ideal in case of theft and come with additional features such as immobilization, and enable use of accessories for further value added benefits such as driver identification and fuel management.
  • When is a Plug-&-Play Solution to be preferred?
  • A Plug-&-Play solution can be the right choice for example when you are not concerned that a driver will remove the device, car theft is not a major concern or your operational requirements are limited to locating and tracking and receiving motion and geo-fencing alarms.
  • What is Tramigo Landmark Data (TLD)?
  • Tramigo Landmark Data (TLD) is a comprehensive set of geographical locations pre-programmed on the Tramigo device (e.g. the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal), enabling the device to report its position using known landmarks on top of coordinates. Tramigo TLD Landmarks provide an easy to understand landmark reference point in addition to geo coordinates, to communicate vehicle, equipment or staff location. Users can easily define custom landmarks e.g. the company office, a preferred gas station, charging station or any other kind of point of interests you may consider significant in relation to tracking the movement of your assets.
  • Are Tramigo landmarks available for my country?
  • Tramigo landmarks are available for every country in the world.
  • What does embedded intelligence mean?
  • Tramigo devices with embedded intelligence are tracking devices with features embedded through the device firmware. User will be able to configure the device to register and react to conditions, on which the device will be able to make decision by itself even without an internet connection and deliver those most critical alerts and messages when you need them the most. This is industry unique capability and of great importance when you need real-time information without latency.

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  • Comprehensive Tramigo solutions cover everything from best-in-class hardware and add-on devices, server options and software, network connections, to training, induction, and technical support. With Tramigo, you ensure that you get your operations up and running in no time.
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