Tramigo B2B GPS tracking and vehicle diagnostics solutions

Secure tracking meets
Smart monitoring

Plug and play convenience or permanent and covert installations for security.

Or Both.

Track and locate your vehicles monitor vehicle health

With Tramigo you retain control to manage and protect your investments

When it comes to managing and protecting vehicles no two businesses needs are exactly alike.
Our experience working with businesses such as vehicle finance, car rental, insurance and ride-sharing has enabled Tramigo to develop deep insights into the security, monitoring and affordability requirements across industries.
Tramigo offers complete solutions covering hardware, software and support, from high security tracking requirements to plug & play convenience with OBD diagnostics.

Get started with Tramigo vehicle tracking and diagnostics

In vehicle tracking there is no one-size-fits-all

Vehicle tracking and diagnostics solutions with best-in-class hardware, software and support

vehicle tracking and OBE diagnostics hardware

Vehicle tracking and OBD diagnostics hardware

How to pick the right tracking hardware? Flexible Tramigo solutions emphasize cost-effectiveness and reliability.

You have the option to choose best-in-class security with embedded intelligence or Plug & Play tracking convenience and vehicle diagnostics. Or choose both.

Add original Tramigo accessories to improve driver behavior monitoring.

Choose Tramigo T24 Track eSIM for permanent & covert installations.

Choose Tramigo OBD Premium for Plug&Play tracking and diagnostics.


Select from flexible tracking software and connectivity options

Flexible software and connectivity solutions

What do you need from your software? Select Tramigo Cloud and enjoy automatic updates without worrying about physical servers. Or go for full privacy and affordability provided by Tramigo self hosted server software M1 Fleet Enterprise. Either way you can track your vehicles on any device and conveniently export data and integrate with your proprietary solution.

To guarantee un-interrupted operations choose Tramigo Connectivity with global multinetwork coverage at an unbeatable cost, or alternatively use your local SIM card. Tramigo tracking works even without internet connection.

Rely oin Tramigos global instllation and support network

Global installation and support network

When you buy a Tramigo solution, you are not choosing just a vendor, you get a trusted partner.

Tramigo operates in the most demanding environments and offers local support to customers everywhere.

Our field engineers and partners handle everything from installation to staff training and onboarding. Your operations will be up and running in no time.

Get started with Tramigo vehicle tracking and diagnostics

Protect vehicles
from theft and misuse

Hard-wired and hidden from sight to deliver advanced security that help businesses manage risk.
Hardware, software and connectivity in a single package, cost optimized to meet your basic vehicle tracking requirements without sacrificing security.
Embedded intelligence features such as market leading real-time exception alarms and  vehicle immobilization capabilities mean you will never lose another vehicle again.

Protection | Optimized vehicle security

Vehicle monitoring
and driver control

Real time vehicle tracking data and driver behavior monitoring for businesses that aim to maximize vehicle life span.
Tramigo tracking software with intuitive UI supports businesses with reports and analysis designed to help eradicate reckless driving and risk behavior.
Access to features such as trip reports and maintenance alarms provide key diagnostics that help you protect vehicle life-time value.
Monitoring | Maximize vehicle life-span

OBD vehicle

Conveniently attach to your vehicles OBD port in seconds and get vehicle tracking without need for any further wiring.
Embedded global multinetwork connectivity guaranteed to reliably deliver GPS tracking and diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), accessed conveniently through the Tramigo cloud service.
Plug and Play | Ease of use and convenience

Complete vehicle tracking, monitoring and diagnostics

One partner for hardware, software, install and support

Designed to meet your real business requirements. Choose Tramigo vehicle tracking and diagnostics solution and your business can achive simplicity, affordability, reliability and improve operational efficiency without having to sacrifice security over convenience.
From protecting vehicles with reliable tracking, advanced security such as immobilization and real-time exception alarms to smart life-span optimization through vehicle diagnostics and driver behavior monitoring.


Step 1
Contact Tramigo

Communicate your business requirements and receive draft proposal and quote

Step 2
Installation and training

Tramigo specialists performs hardware install, software set-up and provide comprehensive onsite and online training and onboarding

Step 3
Support commitment

As a Tramigo customer, you are our partner with access to technical support and new solution development

Contact Tramigo for proposal and quotation

Vehicle Tracking, Monitoring and Diagnostics FAQ

  • Can I use the OBD premium for my fleet?
  • Yes, you can use the OBD for your vehicles and that is the simplest plug and play solution. For permanent and covert installations we recommend our T23 Fleet Security Pro and T24 Series devices which also support a variety of accessories you can upgrade to.
  • What kind of diagnostics data does the OBD Premium device support?
  • Tramigo OBD Premium will display general diagnostic data such as fuel levels, engine coolant temperature, etc. It will also show the DTC diagnostic trouble codes which can be reset from the system.
  • Does Tramigo solution allow me to locate my fleet at any given moment?
  • Yes. You can check the location of your fleet vehicles at any given time using either our mobile application or web application.
  • How can I immobilize my vehicle?
  • With the T23 Fleet Security Pro and T24 Series devices you can immobilize your vehicle offline via SMS or online via our in-house software.
  • What kind of alarms do you offer?
  • We have a clear dashboard where you can see your vehicles status. All alarms can be configured and you can receive them for example via notifications and emails.
  • Does Tramigo device drain the car battery?
  • No, the device will go to sleep mode when the car is not used and will only consume minimal power.
  • How much maintenance do the Tramigo devices need?
  • The device warranty is up to 2 years and devices have been operational for up to 5-10 years. If our back-up battery is used, it can be replaced during annual vehicle maintenance but this is not mandatory.
  • Are there additional data cost if my vehicle drives to another country?
  • Tramigo Connectivity automatically connects to the best possible local network in the country you are driving to without any additional cost implication.
  • What is Tramigo Landmark Data (TLD)?
  • Tramigo Landmark Data (TLD) is a comprehensive set of geographical locations pre-programmed on the Tramigo device (e.g. the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal), enabling the device to report its position using known landmarks on top of co-ordinates. Tramigo TLD Landmarks provide an easy to understand landmark reference point in addition to geo coordinates, to communicate vehicle, equipment or staff location. Users can easily define custom landmarks e.g. the company office, a preferred gas station, charging station or any other kind of point of interests you may consider significant in relation to tracking the movement of your assets.
  • Are Tramigo landmarks available for my country?
  • Tramigo landmarks are available for every country in the world.
  • What are the key benefits of choosing Tramigo as my single solution provider?
  • Opting for a Tramigo solution brings customers multiple benefits. In areas related to usability and reliability, a single provider is able to ensure seamless compatibility between all solution elements coupled with the ability to support and develop your solution further as your business grows and business requirements evolve further. By providing an end-2-end solution Tramigo is also able to offer unbeatable lifetime affordability as the profit margin requirements of various external component or connectivity providers have been eliminated.
  • How much do Tramigo solutions cost?
  • Tramigo solutions are designed based on individual customers business requirements. You can contact Tramigo sales support and communicate your requirements to get a detailed quotation.


Tramigo Solutions

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  • Tramigo provides complete tracking and fleet management solutions. Tramigo solutions cover everything from best-in-class hardware and accessories, hosting and software, connectivity to training, onboarding and technical support to ensure you are able to get your operations running in no time.

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