Tramigo FCT GPS Vehicle Tracker

Affordable GPS vehicle tracker for light vehicles

Small and discreet
GPS vehicle tracker

Introducing Tramigo FCT GPS tracking solution.
Small and easily hidden anywhere. Supports from 9V to 90 Volts.
Easy to install and our most affordable model to date. Ideal GPS tracker for motorbikes and other light vehicles.

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FCT GPS tracker features

Robust GPS tracking in a small package. With 9-90V voltage range, the device can be used to secure almost any vehicle from trucks to cars and motorbikes. Some of the most notable features of the FCT vehicle tracker are:

Affordable Solution

Affordable, yet very capable and reliable GPS tracker

Remote immobilization

Shut down the engine of your vehicle remotely in case of theft

Configurable Geofencing

Automatically detect unauthorized movement beyond customizable zones/areas

Real-time tracking App

Track your vehicles location on the TramigoApp on your smartphone

Security Alarms

Get notified in real-time if your vehicle gets stolen

Built-in eSIM

Embedded with eSIM means track anywhere with no additional fees or charges

Easy to install

Compact size means the tracker is easy to hide

Tracking solution

Developed with light vehicle owner's needs in mind

ANY Vehicle

Wide voltage range means you can literally choose to track almost any vehicle


Compact size means the GPS tracker is easy and simple to install undetected

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Affordable tracking
for motorcycles and budget vehicles

Introducing the first reliable and user-friendly vehicle GPS tracking solution tailored for lower-cost vehicles.
Discover an affordable method to monitor your vehicle in real-time directly from your smartphone. This solution covers all essential vehicle security needs, including automatic alerts in case of theft, installation tampering, or unauthorized movement beyond a designated range.
If you detect misuse, effortlessly activate remote engine shutdown using your smartphone, and promptly locate your vehicle for swift recovery.

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Ideal for vehicle
financing and insurance companies

A feature-rich low-cost GPS tracker with key security features and quick and easy installation makes this a very attractive choice for vehicle finance and insurance companies.

Companies are now able to cost efficiently monitor large numbers of vehicles in a centralised and automated manner.

And not only track location but also secure your investment by preventing border crossings or remotely immobilize and locate instantly in cases of emergencies or extreme misuse.

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Tramigo FCT tracker
cost effective solution

Tramigo FCT is the first cost-effective eSIM tracking solution from Tramigo. The hardware supports 9-90V vehicles and is well-suited for a wide range of vehicles, ranging from electric cars to heavy-duty trucks and as with every Tramigo solution, it comes with embedded connectivity and software access. The tracker’s sleek and thin design allows for easy concealment, making it an excellent choice for those who want to keep it hidden.

Tramigo FCT PLUS
advanced tracking solution

FCT Plus is 4G device with 2G fallback version of the best-selling FCT Series. The development of a cost-effective 4G solution was driven by the 2G sunsets occurring in multiple countries worldwide, resulting in a need for an alternative tracking solution. Along with the amazing features of Tramigo FCT, Tramigo Plus is designed to provide real-time location tracking, driving behaviour monitoring, and tracking capabilities for vehicles and assets in areas with 4G and 2G network coverage.

Tramigo FCT technical specifications

Hardware specifications

  • Dimensions: 78 mm x 40 mm x 15 mm
  • Network: GSM/GPRS
  • Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • GPS chipset: MTK high sensitivity
  • GPS Channel tracking sensitivity: -165dBm
  • Location accuracy: <10 meters CEP
  • Working voltage: 9-90VDC
  • GPRS Protocol: Class12, TCP/IP
  • Operating Temp: -20°C to +70°C
  • Back-up battery: 200mAh /3.7V Li-Polymer battery 5mA~50mA
  • GSM/GPS antenna: Built-in
  • Standby and Working consumption GSM/GPS antenna: 5mA~50mA
  • G-sensor: Supported
  • Geo-fence: Supported
  • Angle change upload location: Supported
  • Ignition status detection: Supported
  • Memory capacity: 1400 positions
  • Micro USB interface configuration mode: Flash firmware/Configuration
  • Power interface: PC – USB/GPRS/SMS
  • Micro USB interface configuration mode: 4 PIN (Power/ACC/Relay)

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