RV Tracking
and Security

Packing the family into the RV and hitting the road is a wonderful way to relax and spend time together. However, while RVs are popular, the significant investment required to own one, makes them an attractive target for thieves. This is one reason why tracking devices have become popular with RV owners.

Enjoy safety and security by protecting your RV

Track and monitor across borders, where ever you travel

Through advanced technology, Tramigo devices can detect abnormal movement and will generate an alert in case your RV is driven or towed away.
Real time tracking allows you to know the exact location of your RV simply by using our user-friendly Tramigo app. You can also analyse your travel routes by using our reporting tools.
An extra safety feature allows friends and families to know your exact location by granting them access to the app. Furthermore, Tramigo devices run off the power of the RV, so they are constantly charging and tracking the RVs movements.

Explore Tramigo tracking solutions to protect and monitor your RV

Geofencing to
detect movement

Use Tramigo software to set a virtual perimeters – called geofences – and get automatic alerts should your RV leave the designated area. You can also add a panic button with your T24 solution and be alerted in the case of an emergency.

You are now set to travel more securely and can feel relaxed when exploring new countries and regions.



Tramigo RV solutions come with an embedded SIM and connectivity designed to ensure you can rely on the best possible coverage regardless of your location. Our multi-network connectivity means that your Tramigo device will always connect to the best network in each country, making the coverage better and stronger even as you cross country and network lines in remote areas. With a truly global coverage we can ensure you will not lose your RV from the radar. This is what we call the ultimate peace of mind.


Tramigo solutions for recreational vehicle security & tracking

OBD Premium
Solution For RV’s

OBD Premium is an excellent and easy solution to track and monitor your RV. OBD premium is small and covert plug & play device that does not require installation or wiring. Simply plug directly into your RVs OBD port and connect the device with TramigoApp or TramigoCloud where you can immediately start tracking. You can also set alarms simply by using the Tramigo App and get notified via app or email.


  • No installation and no wiring required
  • Real time tracking
  • Reads RV battery volt
  • No charging required

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T24 Track
solution for RV’s

This is our best-selling tracking device which allows you to be notified in real-time when your vehicle is stolen and immobilize it with a click of a button! Our T24 track solution is hard-wired and hidden from sight to deliver advanced security. The device comes with a backup battery that keeps you connected and sends notifications even when the device becomes disconnected, or if the RV battery is running low. You can also react to notifications on important diagnostics and receive alerts when both the RV and consumer battery are drained.



  • Highly secured and hidden
  • Immobilize your RV with one click
  • No charging needed
  • Comes with backup battery
  • Can be combined with variety of accessories e.g., SOS-Button


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RV Security & Tracking Solutions FAQ

  • Where can I buy Tramigo RV tracking and security solutions?
  • You can buy Tramigo solutions from our authorized resellers. Select your country from the regions on the top menu and locate the closest autherized reseller in your country, or you contact us for more information.
  • What if my RV doesn’t always have power to the battery?
  • Tramigo hardware solutions comes with a built-in internal battery. The battery automatically charges when the power is on and if disconnected it alerts if the device is pulled out and will continue to report its position. Depending on the hardware, It can report from 20 minutes up to 12 hours.
  • Can I install T24 Track myself?
  • Yes you can! However, we always recommend hiring a professional to do the installation.
  • Is there a mobile app for the RV solutions?
  • Absolutely! Tramigo solutions comes with free access to TramigoApp which is available for free on Google play and the App Store.
  • How do I know if Tramigo SIM cards works in my country?
  • All Tramigo Connectivity products (Fleet SIM, IOT SIM & OEM eSIM) provide global multinetwork coverage, meaning they are available all around the world and work in multiple networks in each country.


Tramigo Products

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