GPS tracking for
Car rental and corporate leasing

Cost-effective protection for your rental car tracking and corporate leasing fleet management.

With covertly installed Tramigo GPS tracking devices your business can monitor vehicles to detect and prevent misuse.

Complete solution for car rental companies and corporate leasing providers to optimize vehicle lifespan and resale value.

Monitor your vehicles protect your investment

Complete systems offering unbeatable reliability, convenience and security

Choose from high security covert installation based solutions to convenient plug-and-play monitoring and stay up-to-date with the status of your rental cars or leasing fleet.

Set your system to automatically detect usage and events critical to your business such as cross-border violations, theft or reckless driving. React to notifications on important diagnostics and get reminders on approaching planned maintenance cycles.

Using accurate monitoring with direct insights into your fleets performance is the best way to optimize your long term business profitability.

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GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions for the leasing industry

South-east Asia

Customer story

Improving leasing

One of the largest global enterpise leasing operators sought a partner to help improve the profitability of ongoing cases serving their top-tier Fortune 500 multinational customers involving large vehicle fleets numbering in the thousands.
A complete turn-key solution from Tramigo was able to meet the operators critical requirements in reaching their profitability targets and increasing customer satisfaction. One deciding factor in the selection of a suitable partner was Tramigo’s ability to operate across all continents.
A privately hosted solution, integrated with the operator’s own ERP systems was created to ensure full privacy and improve control. Customized and re-branded Tramigo user interfaces gave the operator’s customers visibility to their individual fleets data.
Automation and integration across odometers and maintenance alarms gave the leasing operator the ability to optimize the fleet vehicles life-span and reduce costs by pre-emptively addressing maintenance requirements.
With best-in-class device and component reliability and durability the operator was able to keep device maintenance and re-installation costs at minimum. This proved to be another key factor in managing operating cost and improving overall profitability and customer satisfaction.

Southern African

Customer story

Managing misuse
to cut losses

Operating a franchise belonging to the largest car rental brand in Southern Africa means providing services to a large customer base consisting of both tourists as well as multinationals and NGOs.
Key issues to solve were not only the high monthly fees on their existing tracking systems but also the lack of real-time vehicle tracking in remote highways. It was important to be able to deal with vehicle engine damages related to customer misuse – before the customer had left the country.
Turning to Tramigo the owner selected to install our T24 Track devices to his fleet of 12V cars and vans. Tramigo T23 Fleet devices were installed in the company’s trucks and high end vehicles. For management the owner opted for Tramigo’s self-hosted M1 Fleet Enterprise Software with Tramigo multi-network Fleet SIMs  chosen to ensure reliable real time monitoring  as vehicles were crossing borders and switching networks.
With this set up he was able to reduce monthly operating costs while increasing the life span of the vehicles in their fleet. As misuse was reliably detected even in the most remote areas the franchise owner was better prepared to secure compensation for damages from customers leaving the country.

A trusted partner
for SME car rentals

SME Car Rentals are an example of businesses where Tramigo tracking solutions help solve critical issues. Tramigo can provide these entrepreneurs secure tracking options that add to driver safety and protect their investments for environments where theft and even hijacking may occur.
Equipping vehicles with tracking systems with intelligent real-time alarms allow owners and managers to detect various violations that can happen in the car rental business. Violations such as unauthorized border crossings, reckless driving or in the worst case theft or even scam operations all present risk to invested capital that the Car Rental Owners often have to deal with.
Tramigo systems are economical enough to be fitted in and used to manage even smaller fleets containing only a few vehicles. Being able to operate in multiple languages makes the systems easy and simple to adopt even in more remote areas. SME Rental Car Owners can easily privately monitor any vehicles they have from motorbikes to boats to luxury cars.
Our tracking solutions are suitable even for few vehicle fleets,  any size, operate in multiple languages and even in remote areas.


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initial investments

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Easy to install in your vehicles Hard to detect

Unbeatable reliability, convenience and security

Protecting your business
never lose a vehicle

Tramigo hardware and software solutions are designed to optimally secure your vehicles.

In any rental car or leasing business misuse is expensive and unfortunately all too common.

With Tramigo hardware installed covertly, your business is always able to repossess and even shutdown the engine to successfully recover your misused or stolen vehicle.

Plug and play
tracking and diagnostics

When covert installation is not optimal for your business, you can always opt for Tramigo OBD plug & play convenience.

Simply connect to your vehicles OBD port in seconds to get vehicle tracking and diagnostics data without need for any further wiring.

Embedded global multi-network connectivity guarantees reliable delivery of GPS tracking and diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), accessible through the Tramigo cloud service.

You can combine OBD with covertly installed Tramigo hardware for your optimal security and diagnostics protection.

Security and convenience
for VIP car rental and leasing

Tramigo tracking solutions are trusted by operators specialising in VIP rental, transport and leasing fleets, requiring trusted partners with military grade components and performance.

We invite luxury operators, chauffeured services and diplomatic transport missions to contact Tramigo to learn more about our features including: panic buttons and covert in car voice communication, forced engine shutdown combined with self hosted servers and other maximum privacy features.

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Tracking solutions For car rental and corporate leasing

Industry leading
Exception alarms

Rich selection of customizeable real-time alarms even without internet

violation reports

Designed to detect and minimize internal and external misuse

Optimize lifespan
and resale value

Technology designed for rental and leasing industries

Car Rental and Corporate Leasing FAQ

  • Do Tramigo solutions allow me to locate my rental at any given moment?
  • Yes. You can check the location of your vehicle at any given time using either our mobile application or web application.
  • Can I remotely check the vehicle’s odometer value?
  • Tramigo solution automatically counts the odometer value based on distance travelled. This can be seen with the application or in the web dashboard. With OBD Premium device you can also get the vehicle odometer value.
  • Are there additional data costs if my customers drive to another country?
  • Tramigo Connectivity automatically connects to the best possible local network in the country your customers are driving to without any additional cost.
  • Can I use odometer value to get maintenance alerts?
  • Yes, when a certain odometer value is reached, you will get a notification.
  • Can I as a car rental agency check if my client refilled the car before returning it?
  • Yes, if you are using a fuel sensor or Tramigo OBD Premium device, you can see the fuel levels of the vehicle.
  • Can I get an automatic alarm if the vehicle is exiting a specific zone or area?
  • With the geofencing functionality you receive notifications when the geofences are entered or exited.
  • Can I get a notification if my client is overspeeding?
  • Yes, Tramigo devices track overspeeding and other behaviours like harsh acceleration and harsh braking.
  • Does Tramigo device drain the car battery?
  • No, the device will go to sleep mode when the car is not used and will only consume minimal power.
  • What solution is recommended for me?
  • Please contact Tramigo sales for a complete answer. You can however begin by considering Tramigo T24 Track when you want a secure and concealed installation or our OBD Premium for plug’n’play installation (which is great if you wish to quickly switch the tracking device from one vehicle to another).
  • How much does Tramigo system cost?
  • Tramigo solutions are designed based on individual customers business requirements. You can contact Tramigo sales support and communicate your requirements to get a detailed quotation.

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