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Convenient vehicle tracking for SME fleets and consumers

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TramigoApp is an easy but secure way to track and monitor your vehicles anytime and anywhere. Whether you have a small or a large fleet, are looking to track vehicles for personal or business use. With the TramigoApp you can monitor your vehicles, staff, or family directly on your phone. Features also include trip reports and usage history reporting.

Are you interested in tracking your vehicle with your mobile phone?


A convenient mobile tracking solution for private vehicles and SME fleets. Designed to be compatible with Tramigo’s latest hardware options.

Set up and configure your tracking solution ready-to-go in minutes. Please note the TramigoApp is still in Beta mode and features are constantly developed based on user feedback.

Get started:

  1. Download the IOS and Android compatible mobile application to your phone.
  2. Pair your device with the vehicle(s) where an existing Tramigo tracking device is installed.
  3. Track your vehicle(s) and manage your fleet directly from your mobile phone.

Are you interested in tracking your vehicle with your mobile phone?

Tracking for SME fleets

Monitor small fleets directly from your mobile and access live tracking and trip reports anywhere.
Configure exception alarms (such as  overspeeding, geo-fencing and motion alarms) based on your business requirements and avoid unwanted surprises.
Pair with Tramigo OBD Premium to read all fault codes directly from the app and stay on top of upcoming  maintenance requirements.

Phone based SME fleet management |  Anticipate maintenance

Tracking for private consumers

TramigoApp is a convenient way to monitor family vehicle usage or track other assets (car, boat, ATV, kids’ cars etc) for increased safety and peace of mind.
With real time tracking & automated alerts you can stay on top of things like speeding, car leaving and entering your configured areas, unauthorized movement or even parking in unfamiliar areas.
When linked to Tramigo OBD Premium, you can use the device also in rental cars when on vacation for your own added insurance against the unexpected.
Monitoring convenience  |  Peace of mind

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TramigoApp for Mobile Phone Based Tracking FAQ

  • Is TramigoApp free of charge?
  • Yes. TramigoApp is free of charge.
  • Is TramigoApp compatible with iOS and Android?
  • Yes. TramigoApp is compatible with both iOS and Android. Get the app directly from the Apple app store / Google Play store
  • Can I track more than one device using TramigoApp?
  • Absolutely. You can easily add the device / devices by scanning the code through the app and then select the device you want to track.
  • Can I use TramigoApp without the internet?
  • No. Unfortunately, TramigoApp is a data based application which requires internet to use.
  • What is Tramigo Landmark Data (TLD)?
  • Tramigo Landmarks is geographical data embedded in the Tramigo device software. Geo coordinates are supported with references to local landmarks to ensure communication is clear and understandable even with low tech receivers or situations where no internet and online mapping services are available. You can add your own landmarks for your office, your preferred gas station or any kind of point of interests if they are of significance to track your assets.

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