Tramigo Cloud Software de seguimiento de Flotas

Rastreo y monitoreo de vehículos para flotas de tamaño mediano o largo

Gestión de Flotas

Diseñado para ofrecer funciones avanzadas de gestión de flotas convenientemente todo en un solo servicio y accesibles desde cualquier dispositivo.
El modelo de software como servicio (SaaS) de TramigoCloud ofrece a los clientes todos los beneficios de un sistema de software de gestión de flotas empresarial de alto nivel sin los grandes pagos iniciales o los complejos requisitos de configuración y mantenimiento de servidor.
TramigoCloud allows you to track your fleet behind a secure web login and puts a full control center within your reach wherever you go.  With constant centralised updates the latest features are always immediately available to all of our demanding customers.
SaaS model is lightweight enough to bring even the most advanced fleet management software features available to companies of all sizes, no matter how many vehicles their fleets include.

Tramigo Cloud is included with Tramigo tracking solutions For more details

Tramigo Cloud Fleet management software features

Access in real-time
Anywhere anytime

Real-time tracking with easy access from laptop, computer, smartphone and tablet.
One account works on multiple devices for easy and quick access to locate vehicles and see bread crumb trails on map. 


Monitor driver’s routes and task allocation to ensure efficiency and effective work process.
Ensure that the vehicle is always on-time and align to dispatch schedules.
Comprehensive reporting allows user to access files in 4 (four) different formats: pdf, html, xls and csv.
Report provides information on driving habits, gasoline consumption, track route, speed limit, idle time, etc.

Protect your
vehicle fleet

A great investment to protect, control and manage fleets, with secure cloud server based in Europe.
System will send instant security alert to allow user to turn off the vehicle’s engine remotely during e.g. car theft.  

One price for
all features

No additional cost inside the software.
Unlimited data storage with lifetime historical data. Apply multiple parameters on vehicle (i.e. idle time, speed, etc.).
Customize reports and notification to suits your requirements.
Get instant alerts on important dates (e.g. renewal dates for vehicle’s plate etc) and prevent administration fines & hassle on paper work. 

True cloud based

Don’t worry about hosting, maintenance or server hardware. Receive automatically all of the latest feature and security updates.
Hassle free. Login and access Tramigo’s secure server and databases. Concentrate on your business while Tramigo handles all the heavy lifting in the background.

Tramigo Cloud is included with Tramigo tracking solutions For details

FAQ: TramigoCloud Fleet Management Software Service

  • Is TramigoCloud free?
  • TramigoCloud is included in the fee when customers purchase a Tramigo fleet management solution.
  • Do I need the TramigoApp since I have TramigoCloud?
  • Not really, however having TramigoApp is free of charge and convenient to use on smartphones .
  • Do I need to pay extra for data storage on TramigoCloud?
  • No. TramigoCloud provide you with unlimited data storage and lifetime historical data.
  • Can I access TramigoCloud from more than one device?
  • Yes. You can access TramigoCloud from multiple devices by simply logging into your cloud account.
  • What is the difference between TramigoCloud and TramigoApp?
  • TramigoCloud has a broader range of features compared to TramigoApp which is designed to primarily be a convenient mobile based access platform. However, TramigoApp is constantly updated with new features so keep up with the latest updates related to TramigoApp to learn about when the important features you care about are released. You can find the latest updates under our News section.

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