M1 Fleet Enterprise Fleet Management Software


Full control over
operational security

Tramigo M1 Fleet Enterprise is designed to bring the full features of a enterprise vehicle tracking and fleet management software to a privately hosted environment. Suitable when your operational requirements dictate that your fleet management software must be hosted on a privately-owned server, or within the borders of your own country.
A perfect solution for governments, military customers and companies requiring full control over privacy and operational security.
Tramigo M1 Fleet Enterprise is a self-hosted client-server application that together with Tramigo’s tracking platforms help you efficiently track, monitor, and manage your fleets. It is recommended for recovery and tracking service providers or anyone who has a large fleet. 

Looking for full control over privacy and operational security?

Tramigo M1 Fleet Enterprise

Privately hosted software system features

User Interface for whole fleet activity
Multiple users & remote data access
Live tracking, history playback and snail trail
Fast data and reports export
Selection of map views
Tramigo M1 Fleet Enterprise self-hosted server option offers locally hosted fleet management without any foreign hosting.
Communication can be either using mobile network data connection or offline tracking with an external offline modem.
Visual mapping options can be commercial options such as Google or OSM, but for added privacy, custom local visual mapping options with military enriched TLD landmarks and user designed embedded user locations is an alternative
M1 Fleet Enterprise can also be offered as Tramigo hosted. Contact us for more information.

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Tramigo M1 Move

SMS based mobile app for mission critical fleet management

When loosing
contact is not an option

M1 Move is SMS based app which allows you to get all important notifications and alerts to your phone in real-time by SMS even without access to Internet
You can receive instant tracking reports such as vehicle exact location, fleet vehicle speed, fuel consumptions and all other notifications. The devices can also be controlled by M1 Move in the field and vehicles can be immobilized.
With TLD Landmarks you will get a landmark distance refenrence point in addition to geo cordinates, to mark vehicle or staff location.

Mobile app for mission critical reliability

With M1 Move you get real time fleet management on your mobile phone even without the internet.

SMS based tracking
Real-time tracking without Internet
Real-time alarms
TLD Landmarks

Looking for full control over privacy and operational security?

FAQ: Privately hosted and mission critical software

  • From where I can download Tramigo M1 Move?
  • Download Tramigo M1 Move for Android phones from here
  • How many vehicles can I track using M1 Move?
  • You can track as many vehicles you want. M1 Move is designed to deliver mission critical reliability over a mobile phone and is based on SMS technology. For this reason it is recommended for smaller fleets as receiving large amounts of messages from a larger fleet at the same time could eventually slow the phone down.
  • Do I need to host M1 Fleet Enterprise on my servers?
  • M1 Fleet Enterprise Can be hosted on your server, however it can also be offered as Tramigo hosted.
  • What is Tramigo Landmark Data (TLD)?
  • Tramigo Landmark Data (TLD) is a comprehensive set of geographical locations pre-programmed on the Tramigo device (e.g. the Eiffel tower or the Taj Mahal), enabling the device to report its position using known landmarks on top of coordinates. Tramigo TLD Landmarks provide a landmark distance refenrece point in addition to geo cordinates, to communicate vehicle, equipment or staff location. Users can easily define custom landmarks e.g. the company office, a preferred gas station, charging station or any other kind of point of interests you may consider significant in relation to tracking the movement of your assets.
  • Are Tramigo landmarks available for my country?
  • Tramigo landmarks are available for every country in the world.

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