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How to prepare your boat for winter?

After the long summer of boating sun, it is now time to store your boat and keep it protected from the weather. Below are some things to consider when preparing your boat for winter:

1. Store the boat

If you decided to store your boat in storage, there are several common ways to do that: outside, on a trailer, in a garage, or in special storage. Shrink-wrapping your boat can provide additional protection, so never forget to do that. In case you’re thinking of keeping your boat in the water, keep in mind that not all harbours are suitable. When water levels change or tides rise, ice floating on the surface can damage a boat. So if you decide to keep your boat in the water, make sure that the water is calm or that there is a steady flow to prevent ice buildup.

2. Prepare the engine

Examine your engine and clean it generally, taking note of any parts that need to be repaired. The engine should be cleaned and the bilges should be dried to prevent corrosion, and any leaks or drips should be highlighted with white paint.

Make sure your boat is properly prepared and protected during winter storage

3. Fill the fuel tank

Fill the fuel tank when you leave the boat afloat or lift it out of the water to prevent condensation. Also, spray the engine with engine fogging oil to protect the moving parts of the engine during cold weather. 

4. Protect the batteries

Remove the batteries from the boat and store them in a warm and dry place during the winter. Batteries left uncharged for long periods may need to be replaced completely. If you are unable to remove the batteries or the boat is remaining moored, make sure the batteries are adequately topped up and have been regularly recharged, as full batteries are less likely to freeze in subzero temperatures.

5. Remove sensitive materials

Life jackets, fire extinguishers and flares should be removed and stored away if they are not part of the vessel. The boat’s interior should also be cleaned to prevent mildew deposits if it is fitted with organic materials like fabric or leather. Additionally, remove all electronic equipment, as these can be damaged by extreme cold, and wrap exposed cable ends with tape. Store electronics in a warm, dry location, just as with the battery.

6. Check on your boat regularly

Check your boat regularly or install a security tracking device such as Tramigo Asset Tracker. By installing Tramigo asset trackers on the boat or trailer, you can get notified when there is irregular movement. Using Tramigo Asset Trackers, you can track the boat’s location. If the boat or trailer moves suddenly, Tramigo Asset Tracker automatically detects it, and you will be notified via TramigoApp or email.

There’s also no need to recharge the tracker. Every Tramigo asset tracker comes with a built-in battery that lasts up to one year (depending on the reporting frequency). Plus, the hardy device is IP67 waterproof, meaning it can withstand almost any weather condition. Rain or snow, the boat tracker will keep functioning and reporting.

GPS tracking device suitable for boats

With Tramigo’s Asset Tracker, owners relying on their boats for work can rest easy knowing their boats and trailers will be waiting for them in the spring. No more long treks. No more forgetting where your boat is. You can track any asset with the Tramigo Asset Tracker, which is a safe, reliable, and easy-to-use device.