Tramigo Case Study: Light Vehicles Rental

Tramigo Tracking Solution Helps ATV Rental Companies to Locate their Assets and Provide Assistance in the Wilderness

Finland has over 20 000 km of marked snowmobile routes circulating from the South all the way to the tundras of Lapland. In this perfect setting, hundreds of small companies specialize in snowmobile rentals and organizing snowmobile safaris. With clients ranging from Finnish snowmobile enthusiasts renting snowmobiles a few times a year to foreign tourists visiting Finland, eager to try out snowmobiling adventures.

All snowmobile routes are marked on a map and a more detailed local route map is provided as well with the snowmobile rental. However, northern Finland has vast inhabited areas in which snowmobile renters get lost on a regular basis, or have problems with the snowmobile, and whereby renters calls the rental agency to ask for help and directions. With no roads or any physical marks to get a reference of the location and the area is totally new for the renter, it can be very difficult to tell the location and quite critical in case of an emergency or when getting lost.

A rental agency operates a fleet of 20 rental snowmobiles in northen Finland uses Tramigo tracking solutions to locate their snowmobile and riders when needed. The Tramigo hardware unit is installed using a special accessory case that protects it from shock and extreme weather. If a snowmobile breaks down in the wilderness, someone gets injured or a rider simply gets lost, it’s very easy for a rental agency to locate the snowmobile and coordinate assistance.The rental agency can easily check the location of the snowmobile using TramigoApp and can then either give directions for lost riders or go to location and provide help.

The possibility to locate the ATVs using the app and immediately provide help brings both peace of mind and added value for ATV rental agencies and renters alike. Tramigo Asset Tracker, T24 eSIM and 4G Vehicle Tracker are the perfect solutions for any ATV or other small feet company.