Tramigo Case Study: Light Vehicles Rental

Tramigo Tracking Solution Helps Snowmobile and ATV Rental Companies to Locate their Assets and Provide Assistance in the Wilderness

Finland has over 20 000 km of marked snowmobile routes circulating from the South all the way to the tundras of Lapland. In this perfect setting, hundreds of small companies specialize in snowmobile rentals and organizing snowmobile safaris. Typical clientele ranges from Finnish snowmobile enthusiasts renting snowmobiles a few times a year to foreign tourists visiting Finland, eager to try out snowmobiling adventures.

Tramigo GPS tracking solutions for Snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle and other light vehicle rentals
Snow Safaris and snowmobile rentals days with a group of friends are a fun and popular way to explore the beauty of the Lapland wilderness.

“Excuse I seem to have lost my way… Excuse me, anybody..Help please”

All snowmobile routes are marked on a map and a more detailed local route map is provided as well with the snowmobile rental. However, northern Finland has vast inhabited areas in which snowmobile renters get lost on a regular basis, or even have technical (or user related) problems with the snowmobile.

If you know anything about Lapland, you know that with all its beauty it can quickly turn into what you could even describe a hostile environment. Sun sets early and the darkness may catch you by surprise especially with nobody around for kilometers. Temperatures dropping beyond -30 degrees Celsius is perfectly normal.

So unfortunately its not uncommon at all for the rental agency to receive calls from distressed renters to ask for help and directions. And unfortunately there are limits to what can be achieved with a phone call when the caller at the other end is lost or otherwise stranded in an area that is totally new to him/her. With no roads or any distinguishable landmarks visible to be used as reference points communicating your current location, in the dark with the temperature droppping is a very real challenge. Experience has shown that this situation can quickly escalate and turn dangerous in case of an emergency or when the renter has simply gotten lost, as it is very hard to send help to the callers unknown location.

Smart operators have realised that with Tramigo GPS tracking solutions installed these problems can be avoided

A rental agency operates a fleet of 20 rental snowmobiles and running safaris on snow in northen Finland uses Tramigo tracking solutions to locate their snowmobile and riders when needed. The Tramigo hardware units have been installed using a special accessory case that gives them further protection against shock and extreme weather. If one of their snowmobiles breaks down in the wilderness, a customer falls of and gets injured or the rider simply gets lost, with the help of their installed light vehicle trackers it’s very easy for a rental agency to locate the snowmobile and coordinate assistance.

In the unfortunate case that the rental agency receives a call, the customer fails to return on time or the SOS button is activated, the agency can easily check the exact location of the snowmobile using TramigoApp and provide the necessary help. Needless to say this operator appreciates the peace of mind they can achieve with this kind of addditional security with trusted reliability as they are well equipped to ensure the safety of each customer.

Customers can also activate the SOS feature in case of emergencies

How to pick the right solution for your company?

Most light vehicle rental agencies and safari operators build their solutions around 3 different Tramigo GPS tracker models. While all provide the reliable location tracking capabilities you can turn to if a critical need arises, different operators have different needs and requirements dictated by their operations and the equipment they are using.

With agencies operating light vehicles the solutions are typically based on either the T24 Track eSIM or the newer 4G vehicle Tracker devices. Both devices are hardwired to the snowmobile, ATV or motorcycle and provide similar capabilities, including remote engine shut down and geo fencing features. The 4G Vehicle Tracker comes in a slimmmer housing (as compared to the T24 Track eSIM) and for this reason is more popular the smaller the vehicles tend to get (its simply a better fit for motorcycles for example).

The Tramigo Asset Tracker comes in water proof housing but doesnt have any remote engine shut down capabilities so it has become more popular in turn with boat rental agencies.