Protecxt your ATV with Tramigo

Tramigo Reseller interview:

We recently had the opportunity to interviewed one of Tramigo resellers, Mönkija Varikko Oy. The company is based in Finland.

The company’s CEO, Ville Toivonen, confirmed to us, that while unfortunate, ATVs theft is quite common in Finland as well. Mönkija Varikko Oy is a company that specializes in the sales of ATVs and their accessories, and was founded in 2012. Their physical store is located at Valokaari 10, Helsinki, and they also have an online store at

Ville Toivonen says that Mönkija Varikko became interested in adding Tramigo tracking devices to their product line after hearing about increasing customer interest in tracking solutions. “ATVs are constantly being stolen,” he says.

While this is unfortunate, in a way its not surprising at all. New ATVs can cost several thousands of euros, and the most valuable models can cost over 20,000€. They are often kept and used in remote locations. Given this, it is natural that customers would be interested in getting additional security for their property at a cost of only 150€.

By adding Tramigo tracking devices to their product line, Mönkija Varikko is able to offer a more comprehensive service to their customers. The CEO says that the main benefit for the customer is simply “peace of mind.”

Tramigo tracking devices are compatible with voltage ranges of 9V-32V, and therefore can be used with a wide variety of machines and recreational vehicles. Installation and setup of the tracking device is not difficult, and offering installation as an additional paid service has also provided Mönkija Varikko with an opportunity for additional income beyond device sales.

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You will be able to review the selection of Tramigo GPS tracking available for purchase at the Mönkijä Varikko website here: